Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bow Tie

During one of my recent hunts at a local Goodwill Store, I came across a Brooks Brothers Makers silk bow tie hidden on a carousel display.  Snatch!
I have never sported a bow tie before, so my first task was to find out how to tie the sucker.  I jumped on Youtube, typed in bow tie, and watched some instructional videos on how to properly tie one.  I then positioned myself in front of a mirror and began working it.
One hour later, my deltoids and forearms were cramped and I was still standing in the same spot, watching my two dollar piece of silk explode into a tumbleweed around my neck.
I went back to the Youtube drawing board and fortunately found this link.

The "Snap it Shut" technique from the Carolinas saved the day and I was in business.  It was showtime.
I entered the office Monday morning feeling a little apprehensive.  It's a rough crowd where I work and anything out of the norm is ridiculed and picked upon until there is no meat left on the bone.
Surprisingly, most comments sent my way were positive.  Sure, I got called "the professor" and Louis Farrakhan a few times, but I was amazed that my coworkers actually liked the bow tie.
"Is it a clip on?" was asked a lot and I had to describe my earlier battles in learning how to tie it.  I was thankful though that I was left alone about its appearance as they ridiculed one another for every and anything possible (haircuts, weight, nervous tics, speech impediments, intelligence, etc.).
At the end of the day I found that I loved the bow tie! I did not have to worry about it slipping in my coffee, rubbing against my seatbelt, or about getting food on it.  I also liked that it did not feel tight around my neck like a normal tie and I did not have to fidget with the knot like Rodney Dangerfield (No Respect!).  Not only that, but when I glanced in the mirror, I did not see Orville Redenbacher, but Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones!
Conclusion:  I am sold on the bow tie.  I found this site and liked the price and looks.  I plan to buy four or five in the near future and throw them in the rotation.
Stay tuned for future post: "Skinny Tie: Is it phat enough?"


  1. Yes quite the natty accessorizer.

    When you move on to the Ascot, please consult Professor Varo Laurence "of Lancaster" Duffins. He knows the ropes of all things neck-tielery.

    You Tube got nuttin' on him.

  2. Every day is Lord Varo Day. Except Sunday. That's just The Lord's day.

  3. Uh, so when are we going to see a picture of you in your new bow tie? Hmmm?

  4. I've worn a few bow ties (clip on) in my former life in the banking world. I always felt like I was a wrapped gift for someone.