Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

A new year, homecoming, and surgery all in the same week.
Lets do this.
Here are the photos.

Pomegranate seeds offered up at Rosh Hashanana, a dinner to celebrate the Jewish New Year.  Unfortunately, there are no pics of the candied yams or apple cake, so try to picture them in your mind.

Bless that challah bread
(and then toss it my way, please).

She felt so strongly about not eating turkey on Thanksgiving(or any day)that she wanted to wear it so everyone would see.
Awesome job.

My father-in-law accidentally wore two entirely different sneakers to his surgery.  It must have been good luck because the procedure went well.

 A shot of Sticky Fingers, a vegan bakery in D.C.  It is also the name of my favorite Rolling Stones album. 
(I doubt it's sweeter than "Moonlight Mile," the tenth track.  Check it out).

Here is Phyllis the robot.
She ran around the hospital delivering cleaning supplies.
It won't be long before she is performing surgeries.

This hand drawn sign was posted at the tollbooth in the hospital parking garage.
"After you done please clean up your self".
What does it mean?
Who is it directed to?
Is that a sketch of a prison guard tower?
Unsolved mysteries, one and all.

LW obtaining a perfect 10 homecoming wave.
What a lovely corsage!

Poor Dwishit.
That is a tough name to carry through life.
Just ask his sisters, Bimanure and Tweepoopy.

Good one.

Nice work, C!
A 5K in a flashy tutu no less.
You beat your Dad, but he didn't know there would be beer afterwards.  If he had known that, he would have run you over.

Nothing but respect, especially after seeing that belt up close.  All those bottle caps must have weighed five pounds!

I turned the corner in my office and this is what is looking at me.  I don't even ask any more.
I just document it.

The Mike-a-Rita
should never be confused with a dya-rita,
Kaluha and chocolate ice cream.
(Note to self:  too many fecal jokes this week).

It was a beautiful Friday night, so my son and I walked the boards in Rehoboth.
Awesome time.

See you next week.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Evening Post

Due to technical difficulties,
the blog is one day late.
I put the full blame squarely on my wife.
The week in pics.

The bummer is that someone lost an eye and that is why this tag now exists.

I was checking out some of the new cereal mascots and they are getting pretty freaky looking.  This is cinnamon toast crunch guy.
Here is the new Apple Jacks Man.
I guess he can fly.
Captain Crunch's Crew Woman.

Cock pic hanging in the bathroom at a restaurant we tried down in Milton called 
The Backyard.  We had a very pleasant meal and evening.

E-Man getting it done.
No shirt?
No problem.

My son built an orange peel and olive oil lantern.

Snapshot of a working mom's life; one who tries to multi-task by pumping her breast milk while driving, and realizes that the textbook and student essays that she accidentally left on the roof of her car have just taken flight.  This photo is right after she scurried across a busy road to retrieve every last one.

Someone's discarded grocery list.  Bacon, egg, biscuit, Virgiania baked ham, cheese, and chicken.
That is going to be one delicious salad.

I look at this photo and all I can think about is Bonnie Tyler singing
"Turn around Bright Eyes" from Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Snail Trail.

Speaking of squishy things, J fried up some calamari. 
Good stuff.

I got gif'd.
In my defense, "Surfing Bird" came on the radio and I think it is state law that you have to dance to that song.
You can get fined.

At least once a day, you should somehow come in contact with nature.

Homemade pizza, take us out.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

J's phone was down for most of the week, so pictures were sparse.  Still, were able to take enough to prove our existence in this timeline.  The week in pics.

Bananas, kale, rice milk and curry spices with hot sauce blended together as a smoothie:
the curry slurry fury.

A giant spider has decided to build its web outside of our kitchen window.  
We watch each other eat.

A gift from Ghana.  Make fufu, not war!

It's what the teens are wearing to school these days.

Keeping kids busy for over one hundred years.

I can dig it.
I still chew a wad of Red Man once in a while myself just to keep close to my roots.

Ah. That first sip of refreshing seltzer water.
Might be his last sip, too.

Nice.  This is either a rendition of the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs or Iron Maiden's new music video.

This crew pitched in to clean up parts of the beach as part of V's Bat Mitzvah service project.  Seeing the Stars of David on the shirts, the group was greeted with lots of Mazel Tovs.  J had one guy walk up to her and ask where he could find a good bagel and lox.  Oy vey schmear!  

The fearless leader V kept them on task.
Bathroom breaks were only allowed in the ocean.

Route 1 Sunset.

J's maiden name, seen in Paris.

J got a visit from Ghana Jen (that's what we call her to distinguish her from Wisconsin Jen).  They went to Target and the DMV together.  Ghana Jen might not be rushing back for another visit.

See you next week.

Best "Hick Life" song of all time:

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

School is in full swing and we are getting used to the new daily routine.
The week in pics.

My son and his friend working on an after-school activity:

 Assembling minature fast food from Japan.  I dunno- maybe the internet has finally jumped the shark.  They enjoyed it, though.

A classmate from high school put together a VW car show in Dover called Volksbash.
It was beautiful weather on Sunday and a good time.
This is an original VW Karmann Ghia bought in 1971.  The owner told me that he has had more parts replaced (hip, knee, vertebrae) than it has.

The Ex-Pats storm Europe.
This photo reminds me lyrics from one my favorite songs:
"To be in England
In the Summertime
With my Love
Close to the Edge".
-Art of Noise

R is seen here retracing the steps his grandfather took in Normandy on D-Day.

It's always good to see what is shaking on the west coast.
M and S:
The San Francisco Treat.
M started kindergarden this week.  S threw a celebratory party.
It looks like he is crying, but he is actually leg pressing 450 pounds.  It's his new personal record.

They are either practicing dinosaur faces or prepping for Halloween.
Either one is a good idea.  

One last look at the local bank.  It has been bought out by one of the chains
(and I doubt they take livestock and veggies as payment like this one did).

I was super excited when I saw this, but then it turns out that BJ's is a wholesale club.
(I thought it stood for butter and jam -
get your head out of the gutter)!

Little Sluggers learning the basics of baseball.
If they had programs like this when I was growing up, I would've gone pro.

We watched the entire first season of BoJack Horseman on Netflix.
Bring on the fall TV season already!

La Tolteca opened up right next to the county library.  It is one of one our new hangs.
I took this shot inside.  It's a Mayan showing off his loin-cloth and headdress.
The caption should read:
"What?  This old thing?  I just grabbed it out of the closet".

I learned about Kilroy from my Great-Uncle Bill who spoke about seeing him over in Europe during the war.  He was drawn on the front of a VW bug at Volksbash.
It makes a good parting shot.
See you next week!