Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Sunday Evening Post

 We share pictures at the end of the week.
Sort of like sharing cookies-
or like sharing chicken pox.
Whichever works for you.

Lemon cake with meringue frosting whipped up by my son. When he was a tyke, he used to play a video game called "Cookin' Mama".
That might have been what started all of this.  There seems to be a lot of food pics this week, which is odd, because my wife is down fourteen pounds and I have cut twelve.

M spent the weekend with his grandparents in D.C.
He reported back that doughnuts and Asian food are all the rave there.
You heard it hear first.

He took this pic because he thought it looked like Groot from "Guardians of the Galaxy".
I dunno.  I think it looks more like the tar baby from Brer Rabbit.
Generational difference of opinion.

Speaking of generational differences...
I imagine their children will have space boots and teleportation devices.  Here they are getting busted by their mom after trying to covertly FaceTime with J.

He is still rocking a vacuum, and I think it is a different one from last time.
Does he just not trust his father to do a good job? 
Don't worry, Dad.
This is how it is in my house.
Courtesy of R this week.

Mrs. C was on the Left Coast, checking out Apple Headquarters.

Text and photo sent to my wife from Ms. L on her Mom's phone.
She's cuter than she lets on, but she can't spell worth a darn.

 Here of late the sky is alive with snow geese.

The week wound down with Sunday brunch at the Four Seasons in the D.C. area to celebrate my mother-in-law's 70th Birthday.  The centerpieces were sent via her best friend, who also sent giant personal cakes for everyone.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

The final photo goes to this one sent by young V, who knows that behind every good good cop, is a strong cup of coffee.

See you next week.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Evening Post

Good times had by all.
The week in pictures.

I found a Black Panther action figure casually hanging around in the living room mirror.

Wisps of snow on the way to early morning chorus practice before school.
Fortunately, I was tucked in bed when this was taken by my wife.

The moment of the week.
T found this pair of underwear in a briefcase given to him by his office.
I guess the man who had it before was:
A) Big-boned
B) Wanted to make certain that he was never left without a fresh pair of tighty whiteys.

I imagine that they were the inspiration for his son's school project, an illustration of Captain Underpants drawn on a piece of paper cut in the shape of underwear.

Mean while, his wife was in Tulsa where the bar was bedecked in prime mid-century luxury.

My chiropractor is a real miracle worker, but you have to share his office with dogs that get acupuncture.
Bassett Hound.

We had a magical sort of evening at Harry's on the Green in Denton, MD.  Great food and an elclectic environment we happened upon.  It was a lot of fun.

We got to say our goodbyes to the Man from Milton, as B and wife leave the DE and head sunny days in Florida.  He is a treasure-trove of great advice and wisdom that I am certain will be a welcomed addition to the Cape Coral area.
My favorite B quote:
"That's why they make both vanilla and chocolate ice cream".

The parlor of stretching:
Three rollers-
one spike
one knobby
one hard
Two balls-
one lacrosse
one softball.
Ten minutes in the morning keeps me sane.

My wife and I share oven top space every morning for our coffee brews.  She drinks decaf.
Pure heresy.

I just finished the Punisher Max omnibus and then saw this vanity tag up in Newark...
Well played, fellow nerd.
Well played.

M is still putting the baking books to good use.
His newest concoction is a mojito pound cake with an Italian meringue butter cream frosting.
I tell you now, it is way better than rice crispy treats covered in fondant.

My greatest strength is my coffee, oh wise tea bag.

He has a good point.

The song of the week is courtesy of the Dover Police Department.  I saw it early and knew that it would go viral.
After all, how could it not?
See you next week.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Sunday Evening Post

Crazy week.
We barely had enough time to keep our heads above water, much less document the moments between.
We ended up with one dozen salvageable pics.
Hopefully, I can intersperse them with creative fluff.

My son is all into Japanese candy, so he photographs it prior to eating it, which turns out to be exactly what a large percentage of Japanese young people do, too.
He recently forwarded an article to me about sapoku, or Japanese samurai ritual suicide.
Should I be concerned?

The two most famous people from Delaware are Joe Flacco and Joe Biden.
Without pointing any fingers, I am letting you know that one those Joes creeps me out.
And after seeing this, turns out I am not the only one.

M is quickly becoming the cupcake maestro.  He now has reusable cupcake wrappers made of silicon with fortune cookie-like sayings at the bottom.

Here is his new creation.  The salted caramel chocolate chunk.
I tell myself I won't eat any of it, but in reality I will and then will feel super guilty about it for the next three days.

Everyone has their moment of zen.  I can usually find mine in the aisles of libraries or book stores.  I lose all concept of time when occupied with a book.

The find of the week was Patton Oswald's new thread.  I am uber-cheap, so I will have to wait until I get it from the library which will probably take a solid month.  There is one copy in the state system.

J and I have been experimenting with low-carb eating, with some decent results.  I think we are both down ten pounds.  I always joke that I am trying to get down to 120 lbs and she always replies that her target is 72.
What great fun have we.

My son captured this photo and immediately showed it to me.  My brother and I still give out the Metal Gear Solid Game Over cry to this day.  It's always fun to get the inside joke.

Do you remember back in the '70s when all of the science fiction movies had picture phones in the future?  
Turns out they were right.
All the young ones are doing it.

A friend of mine showed off the beginnings of a tattoo.  This is the result of 16 hours of work.

Three red fish on ice.
Red snappers.
How do you claim a name like that?

Sometimes, this is how I feel.
Just a lonely alien, looking at the world from the outside-
in my giant pancake flying saucer.

Have a good week.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Evening Post

When does evening really begin?
How can we put a label on such a thing?
Happy New Year from the first week in 

M is already putting his Christmas recipe books to good use.  Here is his green tea cupcake.

Our New Years Eve was spent quietly, celebrated with a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate.

Others, however, went the traditional route and went completely nuts at wild parties.

Instead of my son removing his dispensed toilet paper rolls from the rack, he just stacks them on top of one another and this is the end result:
a modern sculpture that I call-
Sheer Laziness.

The new coffee system.
Simple, yet good.

We traveled to NJ for and met up with Z and her family and friends to dine on the year's greatest meal.

I present the Italian after-Christmas feast.
These are just the appetizers.
Thank you, A and S!
Mangia! Mangia!

Sully looked on and received occasional scratches behind the ear in return for guarding my plate.

New mom E ate when and where she could.
The joys of motherhood.

A wayward feline made itself at home in T's banjo case, giving new meaning to the stray cat strut.

M and I ventured to New York City to check out the city sights and the urban condition.
Here he is preparing for lunch at Ivan Ramen.

Well worth the wait.

Here is his own concoction that he made at home afterwards.
Pretty close to the real thing!

I have no idea how visitors found their way around before the invention of the smart phone.  Thanks, computer people.

Just an FYI.
If there is a fire as big as the one pictured, please pick up the pace.
Don't be this guy, all perfect posture and patient.

 We waited in line for two hours, but I think M's favorite part of the trip was getting into The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater to see a showing of "Asscat 3000", a comedy improv show that draws a lot of great actors to perform.

My favorite moment came in the form of a steamed egg custard bun that I procured in Chinatown.
It cost me one dollar.
After eating it, I realized that all things are possible.

There is a lot to be said for truth in advertising.  More places need to follow suit.

 The eye candy at Toy Tokyo.
One day, robots, I will have you.

I remember when I use to laugh at the name of this tea until the day came this week that I was in need of checking it out.
Trust me when I say that this stuff works.
I mean, it really really works.

See you next week.