Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Evening Post

don't let your mothers grow up to be cowgirls.
The week in pics.

My sister-in-law caught sight of the Oklahoma Drug Lawyer Mobile while working in Tulsa.

The Man from Milton sent a photo from his new home down in Florida.  I am pretty certain that island behind him on the right is Cuba.

Crazy Cookie Cop,
you confuse me in so many ways.

I felt pretty privileged to get a look behind the scenes at the famous Greenwood Chicken.  The chicken racks are smoked over hot coals and are rotated and shifted until they get to the end of the line.  It takes two hours.
It was an entire day of old school work, and it was a lot of fun.

My Mom used to love to have a beer after a hot day's work, so in her honor I sucked back two when it was said and done.
One for her.
One for me.
Happy Mother's Day, 
Saint Susan.

Delaware black snake, about four feet long.

As long as you don't have chickens, they are great to have around.
Plus, they taste pretty good sautéed with onions and slathered in hot sauce.

Disco fire truck parked outside of the station.
Rotating lights may induce seizures.

My wife and I hit Pickering Beach for the very first time and I must say, it was a pleasant surprise.
It was a beautiful day with plenty of wild life and flotsam to keep us entertained.

DE cactus.
Maybe not as impressive as Arizona or New Mexico, but if there was ever a competition, we would be able to enter.

That is definitely beach front property.  If you time it right, you could dive in from the  deck.

Mother's Day in Annapolis, Md at Joss Cafe and Sushi Bar.


Sunday dessert was "Crack Pie" baked by my son.
See you next week.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Evening Post

Time to show off pics of the week and we realized our com-pooter is not working.  This is the first time we have ever used the app on the iphone to publish.  Here goes nothing.

Not a happy camper.  Check out those wrists, though.  I bet he would be tough to beat in an arm wrestling contest.

New tattoo courtesy of Little Gary.  Original art by Jason, comic genius.  I have always loved Frankenstein.

My son baked up some marvelous scones with a hint of lavender in them.  Nice touch.

I got caught in Rehoboth Beach with about 160 pounds of weed!  This was taken next to the pavilion where people had gathered to talk about legalizing marijuana.

The crazy thing was that this sign was posted only twenty feet away.
Life is so awesome.

My wife seems a lot calmer these days and I think a lot has to do with the fact that she has been coloring in this book.  Toiling, tasking, crafting, and working is when and where you can find your personal mojo.  

Crazy brownie rosharch blots.  I see a young man watering hanging geraniums.
(Maybe I stood too close to that weed man for too long).

Not a very impressive pic, but I promise you there is a giant Bald Eagle perched in the top of the tree.  I saw it early Sunday morning at the opening of the walking trail behind the elementary school.

First time marathoners getting it done in Long Island.  

A slushie to soothe the throat and soul.  M was out of school for a few days with a cold and an ear infection.  

Chicken Katsu made at home was re-branded as "Jew-katsu" by my wife and son.  
I don't even ask anymore.  I just go with the flow.

I think I will end it short with this kite scene.  My neck and eyes hurt from straining to see all this while typing on my phone.  I think we will be up and running on all pistons next week.  
See you then.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Evening Post

The Sunday Evening Post:
It runs a close second to the new Star Wars movie trailer.

Very cute pic of Z with crazy hair.
I wonder what she is doing with her hand off camera.
OK.  Makes sense.

We used to get wrong numbers.  Now we get wrong texts, which make it extra hard to put the craziness back in the bottle.
I would hate to be nicknamed "Stalker".

My Spanish is a little rusty, but I think the translation is "Bless Family Dollar".
On second thought, it might say, "Eat a healthy family dinner".
Either one is workable, it just depends on the moment you are having.

It was the only reply I could come up with in a pinch.  I had accidentally sent a blank photo.

My favorite picture of the week.
This young lady carries a Chuckie doll with her wherever she goes.
Quirkiness goes a long way in life.

My good deed for Friday was to save this turtle from being stepped on by walkers.
If I had found eleven more I would have taken them home and steamed them with a little Old Bay seasoning.

My wife was psyched when she checked her weight to find that the scale said it was "Lo".
I just don't have the heart to tell her that the screen is not working and the second "L" is missing from the end.
I kid.
It really means she looks like J. Lo.

E and his Pop-Pop broke bread together...

...while these hooligans feasted on Taco Bell after the school dance.

Fried Pickin' braved the cold Saturday to tear up the Charm City Bluegrass Festival in B-Town.
Here is a shot of the head of security waving to his Daddy after he cleared out an entire mosh-pit frenzy single-handedly.

Looks like one got past him.

It seems like a pretty harmless scene-
a couple of men trying to get a child's toy off of the pavilion roof with a can and string.
However, there were about fifty people behind them that had stopped what they were doing, mesmerized by their attempts and on the edge of their seats to see if they were successful.
I didn't stick around to see the end,
but dollar to donuts they achieved their goal.
I am just that optimistic about a man in a cowboy hat.

I'm a coffee snob, but I could not resist.
It tasted like pipe tobacco-
and that is not a bad thing in my book.

See you next week.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Sunday Evening Post

 A brief and sweet week, so this edition is more like reading a haiku...or riding the short bus home.
The week in pics.

A hedgehog on a skateboard.
Two great things.
Two great words.
I never thought thought the day would come when they joined forces.

It's funny that a picture of my nephew taking a bath sprung up.  I was just thinking about my own adventures in bathing as a youth and wondered why I never do it now.
My favorite was to sink my ears below the surface so I could listen to the water.

Flower power.

If you just showed me the first three shots of this two-headed monster, I would have asked what national art museum I have to visit to see this masterpiece.
Bravo, lass.
You creation hovers on the cusp of perfection.

The flowers were beautiful, but the sweetest part of all was the attached note that read "Your the Best", because it was sent by the biggest grammar stickler this side of the Rio Grande.

The middle is a little jumbled up.
Does that shirt say 
"Born under a Rock"?

My epic failure of the week was indulging a little too much from the homemade cheesecake concocted by J and M.  It capped off a fantastic evening with a grand clan of friends.

This was the view during one of our multiple trips to Lowes this week.
I guess if you are buying plumbing supplies, it would be uncivilized not to display a plumber's crack.
Well done, sir.

The toad that lives under our water barrel came forth, and did not fear his shadow.
I think that signifies six weeks of apple pies.

"Rock Hard".
"Sticks.  Stays Put".
"Will Not Shrink".
50 Shades of Water Putty.

See you next week.