Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Sunday Evening Post

I am home alone,
much like Macaulay Culkin.
Once I finish this post, I'll be busy setting up burglar traps.
The week in pics.

Good friends smuggled us actual NYC bagels.

To top it off, they also gifted us some fish.
White fish.
Some people marry into families.
I married into the tribe.

Hydrangea blooms for my wife-
weeding not included.

So cute.
The little one found the rocket ship cake pans.
Wait a minute...
That's no rocket ship!

Single car accident.
I still haven't been able to determine the cause yet. 

"Hey, kid.  Do you want to try one of my organic biscuits?"

"Dude, I was just kidding.
I can't believe you really ate it."

My Father's banana birthday cake
(NOT shaped like a rocket ship).
Happy Birthday, Papa-San!

Top right is my nephew on his first roller coaster.
He seems pretty blasé about it.

Don't be fooled by its good looks.
The word on this bird is that it stalks people and attacks them.
So poppa-ooma-mow-mow
to that!

 Pringles duck bills.

Ladies basking by the pool.

A tip bucket with Jimi Hendrix and a word bubble that says, "Scuse me while I tip this guy."
When you go the extra mile, it makes the world a much better place.

Someone has been messing with my calendar and they are using blue ink.

If your wife asks you to guess what has a crack in it, the correct answer is "your cell phone".
I answered incorrectly with "your butt".

We are planning a trip to Montreal, so our good friend who is from there hooked us up with Montreal in 96 Hours, a booklet written by him chock full of things to do and places to see.
Don't tell him, but I sent it to a publisher and signed a book deal.
"Plagiarize" is a french word, after all.

I found an old school gym!

The streets of D.C.
F#@$ your blog.
I love it.

See you next week.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Oooooh yeah.
(Either the beginning of a speech by Randy Macho Man or the intro to Yello's one-hit song.  You get to decide.)
The week in pics.

These young ladies finally arrived with their parents for a visit to the First State.  M kept them busy with card tricks.
If you look up smitten in the dictionary,
that face on the left is Diagram A.

Piggy back on the boardwalk.

Chickpea falafel at Dogfish Head.  

20th friend anniversary for the ladies from Rutgers.  They are like fine wines-
(I'm just joshin'!)

When a family of vegans visit, you have to bring your veggie A-game.  Here is the beginning of homemade gazpacho.

There is the final product in the foreground as A eats her "corn in a row"
(wonderful term, by the way).

E was living large in the waves up in the Northeastern parts of the U.S. of A.

J did a whole lot of swearing and is now fully engaged in her civic duty.
No lightning struck, so that is a great start.

He had a big win against Ebola Virus on Tuesday, but they were eliminated by Salmonella the following week.

The family had a blast with these two around.
There was plenty of comedic relief.

My Dad, my Brother, and I were together and talked golf and Pirates.  Mom must have approved because a giant rainbow was seen over top of the house.

A got to don a New Jersey State Trooper's cap while in the Garden State,

so we made certain it was arranged to get the same treatment here in the DE.
Now she only has 48 pics to go to complete the collection.

Some houseguests showed up that weren't as welcomed.

The proud aunt displaying her niece.

Shrooming in front of my Brother's house.  I stuck a Lego man underneath to give it some scale.

See you next week.

Can't resist.
Acoustic Devo!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Walk a mile in my shoes
(or catch a bus.  Whichever works for you).
The week in pics.

M decided to make a "handstand man" costume. The legs are actually his arms and vice versa.  This is what happens when he takes some time off from his electronics. 

Meanwhile, this woman was spotted carrying an artificial tree through the grocery store.  It is undecided whether this was a performance art piece or not.
I frisked her for fresh coffee, but no dice.

This would have been an embarrassing moment at the gym for average human beings, but when the elite fit accidentally sport the same shorts they have the ability to pull it off flawlessly.

Sauerkraut juice.
For $6.89.
The world keeps getting nuttier and nuttier.

Photo-op for new dad and new daughter.
Check out those little chicken legs!

She is a keeper.

Poor Z-Man.  Cold and wet with skeeter bites.
Oh well.  If summer was fun all of the time, we would never be able to get them back to school.

Party at the Starbucks!

Fourth of July fireworks.
I went out on a limb and assembled these two photos together so that it appears that the two young ones are actually watching that giant white explosion.
I am patting myself on the back right now. 

Sheer joy in the moment.

Chops licker.
I watched the Pirates and Phils game with this lady and she wore me out.  I had to go take a nap.

Blue grass on top of green.
Fried Pickin' getting down.

In my book, a missing cat is a good day.
Are they letting me know where the missing cat is?
Because I don't want to know.

D was in NYC when these two caught his eye.
When he saw them, he knew instantly that they were thru-hikers, those that travel the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.  Good luck, men, and safe journey.

This young Wisconsinite experienced her first visit to the ocean and she jumped right in.

See you next week!