Wednesday, March 24, 2010


On Monday my laptop went on the fritz.  My wife dutifully took it into the Apple store where she was notified it could take up to five days to repair.  Its absence from our lives has left me attempting to post my blog from an iPhone under a large, hand-held magnifying glass.  Needless to say, my posts are suffering from the arrangement, but I made a promise to myself, so I intend to soldier on.

I took my son to a local restaurant the other day and noticed a man exit the place.  He was young (perhaps 19) and very thin.  The first thing he did when his feet hit the pavement was remove his shirt.  This, I thought, was a bold move on his part.  It was not yet Memorial Day!  Is that not a fashion faux pas (or am I thinking of white pants)?

This act left for all to see (in this most public forum) a large collection of golden medallions strewn across his chest.  Very audacious, methinks.

The Coup de gras was when he approached his car, he did not merely open the driver side door and sit down.  Nay!  This man of swagger leapt into the front seat through the open door window, much like a professional driver or the Brothers Duke of Hazzard County.

My hat goes off to you, young fellow, for not only placing a smile on my head, but living life the way you see fit.

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