Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pie - It's What's for Lunch!

My wife and I were at Rehoboth Beach recently and we stopped by Arena's Deli on the avenue.   We split a beer and a sandwich.  It is a rarity the missus and I get to do these types of things without our son.  It felt like a date.  We had a wonderful time and a great lunch.  For some reason, this small type of meal reminded me of the show Twin Peaks.
Twin Peaks was a television show from the 1990s.  It was a David Lynch creation and was the "must-see TV" for that time.  Kyle MacLachlan played the unstoppable Agent Cooper who was assigned to investigate the murder of a popular teenaged girl in a small Washington town.
A recurring scene in Twin Peaks was Agent Cooper saddling up to the counter of the local diner and ordering a single piece of pie and a cup of coffee for lunch.  How cool was that?  Pie for lunch!
The experts are always harping on us to eat six smaller meals instead of the usual big three, right?  Well, eating just a piece of pie with a cup of coffee or tea would seem to fit the bill.  Let's go the charts:

*Slice of Pie                           Calories

Boston Cream                      208
Apple Pie                             302
Banana Cream                     285
Cherry                                  308
Custard                                 249
Chocolate                             264
Peach                                    301
Pumpkin                               241

(*This information comes from a website called Diet Bites.  I imagine their definition of a slice of pie is not what you find in the average american chain joint, but I still found that Chic-Fil-A's lemon pie and cheesecake are 360 and 310 calories).
Ok, my exhaustive research (a whopping 5 minutes) shows that the pie-for-lunch strategy is doable.  Now I know how Agent Cooper stayed so svelte while investigating the death of Laura Palmer!
I am very particular about what I eat but I am willing to experiment with the idea of pie for lunch. At least once a week I am going to enjoy a slice of pie as a meal.  I am certain my wife will read this (I think she is the only person who does) and she will keep me to it for say, four weeks.
At least once a week for the next month, I am going to eat pie - and then I am also going to have a slice of pie for lunch.  Shapow!  Naughty double entendre!  


  1. What a thought-provoking comment. Thank you.

  2. Now when you say "Pie"...

  3. I ate apple crumble for breakfast today. Would that be like pie for lunch?

  4. According to WikiHow "an apple crumble will take less time and ingredients to prepare than an apple pie, but it's just as delicious and comforting." Delicious and comforting is what I am going for, so yes, that would be like pie for lunch. If you can mold it into a slice shape, all the better.

  5. Homemade (by me) apple pies are my specialty. They rarely last more than three days around my abode. Lemon meringue, cherry, and sour cream raisin are my other specialties. Once those pies hit my kitchen counter, they are an endangered species.

  6. That is what I am talking about. I am serving up pie in the office this Friday to keep my promise. Four weeks of pie! Friday is Pie-day.