Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Few Polite Suggestions

My good friend and I went back and forth via email with laws and codes that pertain to life.  Here are the results.

To refer to these items as "Rules" would be just a wee bit on the side of presumptuous. Neverthless...

1.  The bark of a Man's dog should not be higher in pitch than the Man's own speaking voice.

2.  Martinis are like eyebrows.  Two are infinitely better than one.  However, if you think you should perhaps have a third... you are urged to reconsider.

3.  Women who trust their fathers are far more playful companions when the lights are down.
4.  The quality of a barbershop can be gauged by the amount of deer heads mounted on its walls.

5.  Once you graduate from college, graduate from consuming mass amounts of alcohol.

6.  Carry a pocketknife.  You never know.

7.  When first meeting a woman, do not measure her by her looks.  Take notice of her walk and amount of confidence she carries.

8.  ...Then take a peek.

9.  Look a person in the eye when speaking with them.

10.  Front sight ....... squeeze.

11.  You are bound to make a few divots in life.  Do your best to repair them.



  1. Damn good list...I love it.
    But the martini one reminds me of that old joke about martinis are like boobs...

  2. Thanks for sharing!

    #6 - I always carry my Swiss Army knife (the camper).

    #7 - I take note of a man's posture, handshake, eyes, then shoes.

    Would one long stiff martini be like a unibrow?

  3. I believe one martini is considered a snack.

  4. Only recently have I discovered martinis. I like. Perhaps too much. Nice list.