Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Evening

I like to snap pictures with my phone all of the time, but then I end up erasing them at the end of the week.  I thought it might be a good idea to throw them together on Sunday evenings and present them as a summary of my seven day adventure before the grind begins Monday morning.

 My wife, son, and I ventured to Rehoboth Beach this week.  It was his spring break.  This was a picture in a shop window.  I am not certain why a spaceman and a school girl would team up to defeat a squid with ray-guns, but I see a real problem here with a cross-fire situation.  Safety should always be first.
My son reading while his mother looks for a dress.  This is the official start of wedding season.
Is it wrong to want to eat the little chocolate chip waffle girl?  This is one of those tough questions in life that may not have a correct answer.
This is the label of the shirt I bought at a thrift store in Milford.  I paid $1.75.  Turns out it retails for $195.00.  Nice shirt.  Who knew?  My wife did.  She ordered me to go back in and buy it.
Pirates won their first two, but lost their third.  I take the blame because I forgot to wear my baseball cap after their second win.  That is the life of  a fan.  It is filled with superstitions like that.
Why would I take a photo of doughnuts?  Perhaps wishful thinking.

I took these while my son and I were waiting for my wife in the fitting room of  Anthropologie.

Here is the dress she ended up with.  She makes it look very beautiful.  Stock photo.

She and I hanging at Rehoboth Beach.

Final shot of the week as the sunset closes down Sunday.


  1. Nice posting. Suggestion, get a digital camera. Thousands of pictures. Thousands. You will never want. Plus you can save your picture for ever. You'll appreciate it when you're old like me and you wish you had taken more pictures in the flush of youth. Senior advice.

  2. Great photos and what a wonderful week with family. Love her new dress, and you scored with the shirt by PINK!

    Art by Karena

    I have a fascinating interview with artist Robert Anders up on my site.

  3. great post! glad to see that you were patronizing the area that i design for. sorry to hear about the pirates but my phillies are looking pretty good. you know, the only major league game i have ever been to was at 3 rivers stadium to watch the pirates...with my cousins boy scout troop. go figure.

  4. If a picture is worth a thousand words, you may not need to speak again.

  5. I love the dress. The last picture is beautiful!