Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Back when I was courting my wife, I often told her in what I thought was a dashing and mysterious way that I wanted to work on shipping docks, grow a beard, and wear heavy wool sweaters -
And brood!  Brood like it was nobody's business!  
I wanted to be Captain Quint and fight Great Whites and sing about Spanish women -
And brood!  Brood like strong coffee!

I soon learned that working on shipping docks is real, actual work.

Growing a beard makes your face all itchy and if you have red hair, you look like Notre Dame's mascot.

I did find a great wool nautical sweater, though.
Its very comfortable and warm (Made in England for Quaker Marine Supply Company of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.  It even has anchors on the tag).  Sure, it set me back three dollars, but it was worth it.

The spring weather here in Delaware just took a turn.  We are now in the forties on the thermometer and the wind and rain are making their way inland.  This meant I got to wear my sweater while I grilled chicken after coming home.
From my office job.
I did, however, get the girl (now a woman) and that is what really counts.
Plus the sweater.  I have it on now.
And I am brooding! 
 Brooding like a black heart filled with cement!


  1. Ah, Robert Shaw as Sam Quint in "Jaws." Yes, an excellent role model to snag the girl. Also check out Glenn Ford as Bill Emerson in "A Stolen Life" (with Bette Davis.) All you needed was a pipe to suck on to seal the deal with the gal.

  2. Your is definitely polished to a fine sheen.

    You are a true find, but then again you're chez James so it's only reasonable that you would be.