Thursday, June 3, 2010


Another place of interest (to me)  in Delaware, Dolce bakery and coffee of Milford

Work leads me to Milford from time to time and when it does, I finagle a visit to Dolce, a little bakery and coffee place located in the town's heart.  Dolce is a small place, but it is big on service and quality.
I am a coffee addict and my fix is not satiated by the brown water served by the Double D or WaWa.  Thank goodness for places like Dolce, where I can buy iced coffee that grows hair on my chest and leaves me jabbering nonsense for two hours.
 When you enter Dolce you get that "hometown" feeling.  They have what so many joints these days lack, comfy chairs and couches, boss coffee tables with reading material, and a counter by the front window so you can sit and watch the world go by.
I am not much on sweets, but even I am tempted by the goods on display (croissants, danishes, cookies, tarts, and cakes).  They also serve up good soups, breakfast sandwiches, and ice cream.
I must confess that my my visits here have a more sinister, ulterior motive - the gooey chocolate cookie.
About two years ago, I noticed them on display and bought two to take home to my wife.  After she ate them (and raved about them) I found that things went very smoothly for me the rest of the day (and night, if you know what I mean - nudge nudge / wink wink - INSERT ROY ORBISON TRACK HERE).
If you find yourself in Milford and are looking for a piece of the good life, stop by Dolce.  If you want to surprise your significant other, get some gooey chocolate cookies to go (Caution: Never buy more than two.  I did once and learned that too much of a good thing can be dangerous.)

36 North Walnut Street
Milford, DE 19963-1446
(302) 422-5760

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I'm not a coffee drinker but I do like a good cup of coffee occasionally. You're right about the "brown water." That's what most restaurants and other establishments serve these days. Sometimes it tastes like they left the cleaning rag in the coffee pot.

    I do have a sweet tooth. It's good to know there is a decent place off of the usual Rehoboth/Lewes overpriced tourist trap eateries.