Friday, June 18, 2010


"My supper dish, my succotash wish."
-Dee Lite / Groove is in the Heart

It is the first day of vacation and my son and I were walking towards the beach when I realized that we traveled the very road of the "Succotash Incident."  I mentioned it to him and he immediately fired off questions.

What is succotash?
Succotash is lima beans and corn cooked up in the same dish.  Pretty simple stuff.   Of course, there are all kinds of fancy off-shoots of the idea, like throwing in peppers and tomatoes and spices and whatnot, but the basic concept is limas and corn.

What was the "Succotash Incident"?
The Succotash Incident occurred during my youth while the family was vacationing in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  While sipping coffee and reading the paper in the early morning, my Uncle John suddenly decided that we would all be dining on succotash that night.  For the next ten hours of the day, no fifteen minute time period was allowed to pass without John bringing up succotash.  When words could not express his devotion to the subject he would then sing about succotash.
Finally, it came time to purchase lima beans and corn to prepare the dish.  John, his wife and I loaded up into a Griswold-like station wagon and he drove us towards the local market.  Unable to contain himself at the thought of feasting on succotash, he once again broke into the succotash song and began to swerve the car back and forth on Columbia Avenue, a sleepy road that runs through the picturesque beach town.
A very elderly man was walking on the shoulder and saw the approach of what amounted to a Boston Whaler on wheels being driven by a maniac.  A look of utter panic shot across the man's face and he dashed towards a split rail fence as quickly as he could to get as far away as possible and seek some semblance of protection from a man under the grip of succotash desires.
Most men would have gained their composure at that moment and realized that their rash behavior could inadvertently affect those around them.
John is not most men.
He just laughed. 
Looking back through the thirty years since the incident occurred, I walked by the spot today where I approximated the man stood.  I can only muster a feeble apology to him in reference to my uncle's actions on that day.
Because, hey.  Let's face it.
Succotash is pretty darn tasty. 


  1. Ha! I was just in rehoboth this morning giving moral support to a friend babysitting kids all week. We will now spend a lazy afternoon on dewey beach.

  2. I love succotash! Funny thing though, when I mention succotash to some of my friends they tell me they hate it. What's that all about? Once you've had succotash made with freshly picked lima beans and corn from your own garden, that's pretty darn close to heaven in my world.