Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

It's Sunday.
It's Evening.
It's the Sunday Evening Post
(Starring pictures from the week).

The week started with me coming home Monday to find this cucumber erect on the kitchen counter.
It's wrapped in plastic.
What does it all mean?.

I went over to DC with my Dad and met my father-in-law to watch the Bucs lose to the Nats.
Great seats.  Good company.

I notice Pirates fans come out of the woodwork at game time.  Here's one waiting at the metro station.  If you see one, make sure you yell, "Go Bucs!"  
It makes them feel as if all the pain is actually worth it.

Not as good as a ballplayer as Ty Cobb but twice the human being.

Cigar store indians.  Art at its highest form.

Self portrait done by my son.
I love when I find photos on my phone and have no idea how they got there.
Mini mysteries.

The greatest event of the week was the re-launching of the Augusta yacht in Milford, DE on Saturday at the Vinyard Shipping Yard.  I'll be posting about it soon, but Sonny Vinyard was the second husband of my great-grandmother,  Blanche "Mameo".  It was a heart warming experience to see his family's work so appreciated and loved.  The Augusta was born in 1927.  She is beautiful.

A shot of me (land lubber) in the Augusta.

My brother and his son at the re-launch.

There were some fantastic vintage cars there as well.

My wife, the A Model with a Model A.


Nephew Eli and family are down at the beach for the next two weeks.  We will be joining them in seven days.  Come on, Friday!

See you next week!

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  1. I look forward and so thoroughly enjoy your Sunday Evening posts. This week's posting was another good one! Thank you for sharing part of your world with us.