Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

Pictures of the week comes via three iphones.
Sort of a stone soup.

I have yet to figure out what lurks in these holes at the beach, but I bet if I stuck my nose down there I would find out very quickly.

Someone hates either their dad or people from the Keystone State.

Hours of cheap fun.

One of my favorite cartoons in my youth.  Marine Boy.  He chewed oxygen gum that allowed him to hang underwater.  Here he sports the wall at Stingrays in Rehoboth.

My nephew, Eli.

He is a big fan of trucks.

Eli with his grandparents.

My son and me.
If you look closely, you can hear Jim Croce playing "Cats in the Cradle".

Sisters enjoying desserts.  Crepes and ice cream.  
I had forgotten what an adult night out was like.
I still don't know after an evening with these two.

Until next week.


  1. Another wonderful Sunday Night Post. Thank you.

  2. that hole looks suspiciously like a hole from an umbrella pole but that's just a wild guess.