Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

My wife took this short video of her family celebrating the wedding of Josh and Heather.
Mazel Tov!

Here are some photos of pictures hanging at the synagogue where the wedding was held.
It went down in the history books at the worst year in photos.
It's true.  I read it on Wikipedia.

Dear Rabbi,
I have a secret about my feelings towards you.

The wedding band was excellent.
They even had a cowbell.
 They did, however, fail to play
"Don't Fear the Reaper".

Hot summer days are spent in my brother's pool.
His Georgia bulldog stands guard.

I took my son to the Hollywood Diner in Dover for breakfast.
Nice place.  No wait.
An autographed picture of Pirates' outfielder Al "Scoop" Oliver hangs by the front door.
That alone is justification to leave a big tip.

My friend Tim sent me this photo of a lone hat on the mountain bike trail near Newark. 
He wanted to know if it was mine.
My hats usually come with a free bowl of soup.

The good thing about going to a wedding is that the ladies tend to get all mushy with their feelings.

See you next week.


  1. Lucky you, getting mushed. Great Sunday post as always. Thanks!

  2. I hope everything is alright in your world. I missed seeing your posts this week. Take care.