Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

Photos of the week.

Eli sported my high school reunion name tag.

Rare sighting of my two nephews together.

Surf Bagel outside of Lewes, near Nassau Bridge.
Great spot.
The bagel on the billboard creeps me out, though.

Here's a shot of my wife as she surreptitiously tries to avoid someone she knows.  What greater time to to take a person's photo and draw as much attention the them as possible?
It makes the game that much more fun.

Window shopping down on Second Street in Lewes.

I love "Day of the Dead" stuff.
Found this in a coffee joint.

Caesar Rodney's Marching Band getting ready for the season.
This one time, at band camp.......

Very clever.

Congrats to Rick and Roxanne. 
Roxanne gave birth to a healthy boy (seen here with proud sister).
Are you ready for it?
9 pounds and 15 ounces.

My son spent the week at rock climbing camp near Alexandria.
Here he is with a few of his trainers.
I am really proud of him.

He wanted me to post this photo of a knot he tied.  
He makes me laugh. 
 We walked past a mushroom tonight and I joked about eating it, but then mentioned it was probably poisonous.  He then said,
"Yeah, but it would probably make you a Fun Guy."
Nyuk. Nyuk.

My wife got a chance to meet with her friend-since-childhood, Michelle.  She snapped this photo.
They both look great,
but wherever they met must not have any lights.

We stopped by Kindle in Lewes  after a few hours at the beach.  Great place. 
Here's a bowl of olives.

This is where the state ends.
Better than anti-depressants.

Shot of my son and his grandparents.
He's got it rough.
Thanks for treating him so good.

See you next week.


  1. Another good Sunday Post. The Surf and Bagel has great sandwiches. Just down the road from where I live too.
    Nice shot of where the state ends and you're right, way better than anti-depressants. This morning I stood on those very sands watching the waves roll in. Works for me.

  2. A great time had by all! Great images!

    Art by Karena