Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

Seven days of photos taken by iphones.
Say it real fast five times.

Here is the new young one, fresh from the oven and cleaned up.
I always offer friends a crisp twenty dollar bill if they name their child after me.  No takers yet.

I caught a lot of flack for posting this picture on my Facebook page, but I still stand by it.
I tried a 16 Mile beer this week.  It is brewed in Georgetown, Delaware.  It was tasty.
My bro said it looked as if it was canned in a recycled hairspray can, but you can never go wrong with black and gold.  Plus, that is a picture of the minute men from the "Liberty and Independence" statue at the capitol in Dover.  Always a plus.

Fantasy Football drafts were this week.  Some of my competition came dressed to impress.  A Three Stooges tie is nothing but intimidation tactics.

Read 'em and weep.
The Goon Squad is stacked this year.  Notice Joe Flacco on the bench?  Now that's Delaware.

My wife and son holding hands at the documentary about the Vinyard Shipyard in Milford.  We had a fantastic time and the movie was grand.  

Just outside of the theater you can see the sailboat weathervane perched on the church's steeple.  It was placed their in honor of the donations made by the Vinyards.

The river that runs through it.
None of it would have been possible if not for the mighty Misipillion.
Then my mother spit her gum in it.
You can take the girl out of Houston.....

What gives?  I went to the local orchard to buy some peaches and had to check to see if I was in the XXX video store.
Beet Balls, Butt Rub, and Bone Suckin' Sauce?

How do you like them peaches?

We stopped by Iron Hill Brewery at the University of Delaware for dinner one night.  Now that the nights are getting cooler, I am ready for some Blue Hen tailgating.  My favorite player of all time is Robert Daddio.  That guy put the "D" in Defense.  I searched him on the web and found a recent photo.

That's him!  He's still as handsome as ever.

My son's first day of school.  He is entering the fourth grade and is almost as tall as me.
I can still whip him, though.

See you next week.


  1. Your Sunday postings always make me feel good. This one was no exception. Thank you.

  2. That Bone Sucking sauce is REALLY good...I have used it many times. I will be in your wonderful state this Wed. for Dove hunting with my son. Since he is not 21 I cannot take him to Sambo's for Crabs...your quirky DE. tyavern rules. Bu crabs will be eaten...might soak a few pots myself off Woodland Beach.
    Great pictures...cheers.