Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

Unfortunately, both my wife and I had a busy week, so we ended up with some lame photos from the seven day stretch.  I selected a few pictures from our past to compliment.  Hopefully this upcoming week will be better.

This was the work of Hurricane Earl, a single paper plate left pinwheeling across the high school parking lot.  My son and I had fun sailing our bikes back and forth the pavement.

We spent Sunday at a fantastic Labor Day get-together up in Bear, Delaware.  You couldn't ask for a better bunch of people or more gracious hosts.  The kids spent hours going up and down this water slide that was purchased by (you guessed it) grandparents.

My wife had her first Remicade infusion this week.  It went extremely well.  She feels like the poster child for the medication.  Coincidentally, my cousin is the Director of Immunology Research for the company that manufactures the drug my wife is benefitting from.  We like to keep it all in the family.

Here's my son many moons ago attacking the Cumberland Gap on our way to Wheeling, West Virginia (birthplace of Bill Mazeroski).

Fall will be here soon enough and hopefully I will be around to see it.

Small town Halloween is the best... 

...especially once the kids are in bed.

Our Christmas tradition is to visit Longwood Gardens with my parents.  I like the car ride there as much as the event.

It's important to cherish the good stuff.

Hard to believe that this was only six months ago.
What a train wreck.

Decent back workout, though.

Two good things came out of the cabin fever that arose from the 2010 blizzard -
this plastic hanger sculpture and the blog.
One of them is still around.

See you next week.