Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

It was a busy week around these parts.
Here are the photographs taken of the seven-day stretch.

My wife and I finally found a candidate we could both support.
Here is the homemade sign in the front yard.

 I am certain there are sadder things than a lost dog, but I can't think of any right now.
If you happen to see Bo-Dog, give this guy a call.

 Caesar Rodney Homecoming!  No better way to show your CR Pride than with a face tattoo of everyone's favorite rebel.  Beads were courtesy of my classmate, Charles.

Class of 1964 was well represented.  Here is my mother showing off her alumni T-shirt.

 A friend's daughter, who is graduating this year.  This photo will come in handy twenty years from now for optimum embarrassment.

We need to get the band back together, man.

Volleyball injury.

 The young one in his first parade.

Class of 1990 and 1988.

Met up with my good friend on Sunday in Wilmington to catch up on current events.
Good luck, KBD.

 I saw this on display in a clothing store.  I considered trying to put it on and walk out, but decided it would be too suspicious.

The Riders of Caesar Rodney won the day.
Delaware won on Saturday.
Steelers did not play.

See you next week.


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