Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

We joined friends for a Crab Feast that benefited the local fire station and our school's PTO.
It's three days later, and my hands still smell like the Chesapeake Bay.

 I spotted this hooligan hanging around my living room.  It was at least three feet long and I almost took it with a twelve gauge shotgun, but I forgot to get my hunting license.  So I called for my wife (at 11 o'clock at night) and she got him with tape.  If I knew any national secrets I would reveal them all if threatened with a house centipede.

 My son joined the local swim team and had time trials.  I am very proud of him.  

 He keeps his swim heats and strokes written on his arm so he won't forget.
Smart cookie.

 Happy Birthday to Tyler.  

 I'm a Rolling Stones kind of guy, but I have to admit, that is an awesome looking cake.

 It was just last week that these guys were three years old.  It seems like a time warp sometimes.

 Party Reveler.

 We went over to a friend's house and listened to the Delaware Blue Hens beat Rhode Island.  They put out a nice spread for us.  This is their youngest daughter.

 Tailgating.  Hens won and are now 7 - 0.

 See you next week.

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  1. I'm a little late on checking your Sunday Post. It's another good one. I always feel good after seeing your selection and comments. I like your subtle, good natured humor. Your wife and son are fortunate to have you in their life. I've been looking for a negative but I haven't found any yet. Maybe it's the cigar.