Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

It's Sunday-
In the Evening.
Pictures of the week.

 Sometimes these kids make caption writing too easy.

 They were told to make funny faces, but my nephew on the far right took it to a whole new level.  Is it just me?  What is he doing with his hand?

Take a nap in my house and this is the sort of thing you'll wake up facing.

 These are the types of photos my wife will text me.  She was so excited that Target had Hanukkah wrapping paper, she had to share.

 My son had his first swim meet and made us awfully proud.  It feels good to see him enjoying sports.

My other nephew celebrated his 2nd birthday in Baltimore.  Happy Birthday, E.

Saturday was a long day.

 It was my mother's birthday this week as well and we all went to my bro's house for dinner and cake.  I found this family photo hung in one of their closets.  I'm the guy in the bow tie (figures).  My brother is sporting the Shaft collar and vest.

See you next week.

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  1. Another great Sunday Evening Post! What's with the bow tie anyway? I tried it once but I couldn't get over the feeling I was someone's gift.