Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

The Seven days of  pictures from cell phones.
What a nice function to have.

 The walking box trick.  
A cardboard container is good for hours of entertainment.

 I found this grave marker in my back yard.  It is tough to read but I think it is for Mr. Mafia the bird.
That had to be one tough nest he grew up in.

 Monday duck tie.

 My area is filled with all sorts of ponds and hidden waterways.
Perfect for what I call "guerilla fishing".

 A touch of Halloween still lingers in the air.
This reminds me of the beginning cemetery scene in "The Night of the Living Dead".

 My wife and son are big Harry Potter fans so we ended up seeing it with family friends on Saturday.
Don't tell them, but I actually had a very good time.
This display was in the movie theater lounge.

 This is the shadow that keeps my son from going to bed at night.
OK.  I can see his point.

 Say what you will, but I guarantee the owner of this vehicle never had any problems finding it in the crowded mall parking lot.

The father of a swimmer catching some Zs at a meet.  I am starting to learn that it is a huge family commitment.  Thanks to the grandparents for their support.

See you next week.

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  1. A Sunday Evening Post with much thought put into it. First, the Walking Box. That brings back very good memories of me and my brothers taking a big box and sliding down the hill by the railroad tracks over and over again until that box was torn apart and then we slid some more. That was some of the best fun we had in our childhood and it was all free.
    The colors of the pond fishing are beautiful. Also, the nighttime Halloween colors are darkly beautiful.
    And the Shadow on the Door. THAT would keep this Big Boy awake at night too.
    Nice Sunday Evening Post again. Thank you.