Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

L&I has gotten held up up in the snow.  But the Sunday Evening Post can't be delayed, so it's been a joint effort between him (L&I), me (the wife) and technology (iPhones and lots of texts) to bring it to you.  So, here it is ....the week in pictures.

Lily Tomlin Chair.

The chair was a class gift for Max's teacher, and all the kids signed it.

Be wary of yoga instructors bearing candy canes.  This woman keeps my wife (relatively) sane.

Star Wars Ship simulator.  My son made it, but refused to be pictured in it.  So, I had to model it.  
Beep Bop.  

Finally found a bigger Pirate fan than me.

This was the Christmas present I got for my best friend.  It is the F*** It Bucket, made famous by a David Sedaris story.  It's loaded with gin and candy.

Homemade marshmallows.  These things are addictive and should be against the law.

Here are my folks and the grandkids on Christmas Eve.  The calm before the storm.

Laying in bed with my son last night last night, my wife  asked him what his favorite part of the day was.  He said it was watching his cousin Jack open up his presents and "get big happy faces."  That's love.

Success on Christmas morning!

Mom put one of the biggest Lego sets of all on her Christmas wish list this year.  She's come a long way from her Tiny Tears doll.

My wife and son headed to NJ for Christmas dinner (consisted of one Italian Catholic and 9 Jews).  This is just the antipasto part of the meal. 

Cuccidati.  Italian Fig Cookies.  Could be its own currency within my wife's family.

My son in his new PJ's.  Sums up his Christmas haul....Legos, Star Wars and Lego Star Wars (pj's).  He looks like a young Hugh Hefner at the Mansion.

Lo and behold, Santa DID bring Eli his "big bwoo twuck."

Hope you all had a great holiday.  See you next week.


  1. love the guy in the background of your son's photo, with harry potter lego box, holding up underwear (or depend?)

  2. Yeah. That's me. See how I'm treated by my own flesh and blood? I asked for a sports car and they give me thunder pants. No respect.

  3. Now I know, YOU are Liberty and in Dependence. I thought you were one and your wife was the other. I could never figure out who was what. Now I know.

    Again, another delightful Sunday evening post. I was concerned that you would skip it because of the Blizzard. "Neither snow nor rain will keep the Sunday Evening Post from making its rounds." Good deal. :)

  4. Hey, just read Sonya's comment. I missed the guy in the back holding up the Big Boy Panties. Wow.