Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

The writing bug has eluded me of late, so thank goodness for the Sunday Evening Post.
I must admit it fits my lifestyle these days, as I have found that I cannot crack open a book unless it has pictures.
Here it is - a week's worth of snapshots.

 Goat milk caramel syrup.  I would love to know how they selected the goat to use on the label.  I also would have paid money to be present for the photo shoot.

 I caught a picture of a 150 ton home being transported on the highway at 1:00 am in the morning near Frederica.  The truck moved so slow that workers walked next to it.

 We were blessed with some warm weather this week.  Winter seems to be finally going down for the count.

 Here's something you never really think about until you see it - young buzzards.  This is how it all starts - hanging out on the street with a bunch of no-good friends.  Before you know it, they are all grown up and eating dead animals in broad daylight.  What a bunch of vultures!
I kid you not, because I looked it up - a group of buzzards is called a "wake".  Pretty poignant stuff, no?

 All right, Nigel the dog.  I will try to get you home the best I can but if you have the ability to write and post reward posters of yourself, you should be able to figure out how to get back to your place.  Anyway, if anyone out there sees Nigel, call the number.

 Local bow-tie sightings at the hospital.  As you can see, the bow tie is extremely versatile and matches well with happiness or straight-out cold and calculating.

 Ha.  Ha.  This tree fell for the old "stick your branch through the hole" trick.

 Hopefully, it was the last of the snow, but early in the week we were hit by about four inches.  In the background is my friend's driveway that I helped shovel clean.  In the foreground is the homemade italian sausage sauce that I received as payment from his wife.
He shoots, he scores.

 Eli is a big fan of hide-and-seek, but I am not certain it translates well over Skype and the internet.

 My wife uncovered a great Italian market in Lewes called "A Touch of Italy".  Pictured is a Sfogliatelle, a custard filled pastry.

 We decided to begin the "Secret Supper Society" and we ate underneath of the table after we covered it in sheets.  We dined by flashlight and each member had to prepare a dish.  My son made sushi rice with vegetables, my wife prepared scrambled egg and cheese tortilla wraps, and I blended up fruit smoothies. The beverages came in handy for a smoothie mustache competition....

Jill took First Place with her Frida Kahlo mustache.
Learn more about the artist here.

Feast your eyes upon my homemade oatmeal and cinnamon waffle.
It would even make Martha Stewart blush.

See you next week.


  1. Thanks for the 'wake' info on what a gathering of buzzards is called. My friend Don V. collects this information. He was thrilled when I just told him on FaceTime. I've sent him a link to your blog. Another super Sunday Post Liberty. Thanks!
    I have to check out the new Italian store in Lewes. I'm hearing a lot of good stuff about it. Must be for real.

  2. a touch of italy is the best! i bought a superb wedge of goat cheese there. and since you live near the dover area, you should check out Kebab Korner. very tasty chinese and indian food, great for take-out.

  3. Thanks, Sonya. My wife has been to the Kebab and was very impressed.