Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

I was rockin' out to the Minutemen and just realized it was Sunday evening.  Time for the week in photos.

 Temperatures hit the nineties in Delaware which meant visiting the local swimming holes.  Here's the new pool toy.

 We ended up at my alma mater, University of Delaware, on graduation day.  We toasted the class of 2011 with cupcakes.  Now go forth, young ones, and change this world for the better.

A shot of a couple of graduates                    A shot of a young man
moving a bed with skateboards, leaving      champing at the bit to
school far behind.                                         begin.

 Tallie, The Philadelphia feline with the most.
My wife visited her and her owner during the week.

 Rough night for Barbie.
The ride of shame.

 Thank you for the coffee, Morri.  It's fancy-pants, and it's good.

 This week was the official beginning of strawberries.  We ate them every way possible.  We even juiced them, as shown in the red mustache.  If I suddenly became deathly allergic, I would say goodbye to my family and friends and then dive into a bowl loaded down with shortcake and whipped cream.

 Ice cream break at the DQ.
A hometown staple since the seventies.

 As soon as I saw this picture of my nephew with a bow in his hair, one of my favorite movie lines ran through my head.
Bull Durham:
"The rose goes in the front, big guy."

 Breakfast of Champions.  
The Big Texas Cinnamon Roll, made in Chicago, Illinois.  The wrapper said it is an award winning pastry, so I called them to find out if it was true.
Turns out they were the top selling vending machine product back in 2009.

My wife went all Tawny Kitaen with her toes.

That's the great thing about summer.  It wears the kids out.

See you next week.

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  1. Summer is here and you very accurately captured the essence of this wonderful time of your with this Sunday Evening Post. Thank you for sharing.