Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

 Fireside chats
(with roasted marshmallow accompaniment, 
followed by flashlight tag).

 Try my pork spare ribs.  
Psyche!  They're veggie seitan!
Did I just use psyche?

 Young Eli showed up at our doorstep to scarf down some strawberry cake.

 Story time.

 That's a very kinky car.
The kind you won't bring home to mother.

 The week was babies galore.  One refused to come out for thirty hours and change.  Stagefright, I guess.
This young lass has three older brothers.  I already feel sorry for future boyfriends.

 Am I the only one who remembers "Cut Flowers" by the Smithereens?

 My wife having a religious experience.

 Girls Night In cupcakes.
Happy Birthday to Beth.

 Shoplifters of the world -
unite and take over.

 On Thursday, I was minding my own business when approached by a Phillies fan who wanted to bet on this week's series with the Pirates.  This is the photo I sent him after the Pirates won on Friday...

Here is the one I sent after the Pirates won on Saturday.
I want my five dollars.

See you next week.

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