Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

Long week of catch-up and obligations.

 My Grandmom Martha would have loved this shirt and within a week, it would have been covered in ceramic paint and Carlton ashes.  We all miss her "orneriness".

 That small speck at the center of it all is Frankie Valli.  For a guy in his seventies, he can still hit the high notes.  Walk like a man, talk like a man-
sung like a woman.

 I'm not certain if this is a statement about parenting or if some dad was ticked off that they placed a changing station in the men's room and it was his turn at the diaper.

 Remember.  If your lunch has a photo of a fruit attached to it, it is good for you.

Grinch before the next photo
(notice how small his heart is).

Grinch after last photo
(His heart grew three times that day)!

 What's up with all these kids floating around with no school and having fun?  When I was their age, I had to work fourteen hours a day testing unfiltered cigarettes next to the x-ray factory.

 I could be wrong, but I think a German submarine's periscope just surfaced in the center of my construction site.
Be very still.

 Knock it off!
That's how you spread athlete's foot!



 British Bulldog.

Something tells me he would not be a very good poker player.

See you next week.


  1. Great FV and 4 Seasons..

  2. A very eclectic composition collection. Enjoyable as always. You never disappoint. Never know what to expect. But the most exciting has to be your new building site. I've been through two of those in my lifetime. Maybe, just maybe one more time and this time I'll get it right. Stay on top of them my friend, check everything because you're going to have to live with it once the builder is gone.

  3. Whoever thought falsetto could be so good! Love the Four Seasons!

  4. Thanks. Hopefully this will be my one and only construction project, a place to sit quietly, grow a family, and listen to some tunes.