Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Sunday Evening Post

Sent from a remote location while listening to the Pirates get thumped by the Phils, the week in iphone photos.

Nothing says "I Love You" 
like monkey bread.

"I just spent six months in a leaky boat-
lucky just to keep afloat".
-Split Enz

Here I am taming a wild cow at the Delaware State Fair.
Lives were saved on that day.

I caved in to my son's requests to attend the Kesha concert at the Fair.  Earplugs were a must.

A large contingency present felt the need to wave their hands in the air like they just don't care.  

It turns out Kesha is a potty mouth, but all in all, a decent entertainer.  Glitter is her signature move and the night sky was filled with the stuff to finalize the event.

Mummy in Philly
(Pittsburgh should have used him as a pinch hitter).

Special delivery from my neighbor.  He has been hooking me up with all sorts of vegetables this summer.  

My former Ohio cousins (now officially Atlanta cousins)
popped in for a visit.  From left to right:  Bicycle, Skateboard, Rollerblade.

Happy Birthday to Wyatt.

After reading about Sonya's Cinnamon Pickles on her blog This, That and the Other, I had to try some.  Fortunately, she saved a jar for me at the Milford Farmers Market.  They are better than I expected, and I picked up some jalapeno jam and orange marmalade to boot.  Great eats from a fellow Delawarean.

I happened across an Irish Hurling display at Irish Eyes in Milton.
If you have never seen it, it is without doubt the fastest game on grass.

It was crazy with babies this weekend, little humans being all cute and what not.  Who do they think they are?

See you next week.

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  1. Kesha? What is that? I must really be a confirmed Old Fogey now. 50 cent I've heard OF but not heard. But Kesha? In never even heard the name. A band? A girl? A plane? What?