Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

Sunday evenings are a time for reflection; a time to look within yourself and discover the true meaning of life.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

 I saw this logo on the back of a truck, but I didn't catch the product.
I'm still scratching my head.

 Bird of prey that hangs around my office.  If you're lucky, you can catch him swooping down to snatch a field mouse or baby mole.

 I caught the Spartans wrestling team take on Delmar.  Lake had a female wrestler, but the Delmar team would not compete against her, so the Spartans took six points for the forfeited match.  

 The last cookie from Sunday night dinner.

 I received this text early in the week.  We were sweating it, but it turns out Rehoboth is indeed having their annual gumbo cook-off.
Just in time for Lent.

 Either she tried too hard or too little.  I'm not sure.  My wife took the photo and sent it to her friend.

 Not to be outdone, she received this shot of said friend's boyfriend in reply.  This ensemble says, "I'm a Jedi, but I also support breast cancer research."

 For Phaedra's fortieth, the home-ladies were all going bowling.
She got this card.

 The real deal is so much better-
and the swordfish makes it.

Nice shot of Rox, but I want to know about the woman behind her:
Is she walking like an Egyptian?

 My wife's friends happened to walk into a Kiss tribute band concert.
Some people have all the luck.

 The end of the weekend brought a swim meet.
Good stuff.

See you next week.