Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

A weekly wrap-up only a Mother could love.
Happy Mom's Day.

The week started with a bang when I received an early morning picture from California of the Rolling Stones live in concert.

A lot of yard work and my first snake of the year.  I stick them in a turban and make them dance by the tune of a pungi.

There is nothing like the whisp of a bona fide straw broom.  

My first time playing beer pong and it turns out I am horrible at it.  I guess it is a lot like golf- to be good, you have to practice.  Here is my view of getting schooled.
Whatever happened to quarters?

Here is the displayed stitching-
"Mommy drinks because you bark".

One of the dogs, Beaner.  My wife really liked her.

The household above qualified for one of these.  Three loud dogs, begging for attention.

When Clint Eastwood told the townsfolk to paint the town red in High Plains Drifter, he never mentioned their boots.
I guess it is better to be safe than sorry.

Nice visit from Ghana.

I guess my nephew did not want to pose for photos....

...unless he got to control the phone camera.
(Sorry, kid, but there are no royalty payments for pics used in this blog).

Mothers - Sisters.

Twisted Sister.

Left the young one with friends while we went to an adult get-together, and come back to find he had coated his hair with baby powder.

This one showed off the -
and I quote -
"Constipation of the United States".

Well, at least they weren't stuck in a soap bottle.

Good work, L, for coming in first place!
(How did they get your head to scale on the trophy)?

The week finished off with a Mother's Day card from my nephew to his Grandmother and Uncle (yep, his Uncle).
It reads:
"Jolly good show.  Have a great life".

See you next week.


  1. Those homemade Mother's Day cards are the best. In fact, any homemade (kid made) card is a treasure. Save it.

    Have a great week!
    Retired in Delaware