Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Oooooh yeah.
(Either the beginning of a speech by Randy Macho Man or the intro to Yello's one-hit song.  You get to decide.)
The week in pics.

These young ladies finally arrived with their parents for a visit to the First State.  M kept them busy with card tricks.
If you look up smitten in the dictionary,
that face on the left is Diagram A.

Piggy back on the boardwalk.

Chickpea falafel at Dogfish Head.  

20th friend anniversary for the ladies from Rutgers.  They are like fine wines-
(I'm just joshin'!)

When a family of vegans visit, you have to bring your veggie A-game.  Here is the beginning of homemade gazpacho.

There is the final product in the foreground as A eats her "corn in a row"
(wonderful term, by the way).

E was living large in the waves up in the Northeastern parts of the U.S. of A.

J did a whole lot of swearing and is now fully engaged in her civic duty.
No lightning struck, so that is a great start.

He had a big win against Ebola Virus on Tuesday, but they were eliminated by Salmonella the following week.

The family had a blast with these two around.
There was plenty of comedic relief.

My Dad, my Brother, and I were together and talked golf and Pirates.  Mom must have approved because a giant rainbow was seen over top of the house.

A got to don a New Jersey State Trooper's cap while in the Garden State,

so we made certain it was arranged to get the same treatment here in the DE.
Now she only has 48 pics to go to complete the collection.

Some houseguests showed up that weren't as welcomed.

The proud aunt displaying her niece.

Shrooming in front of my Brother's house.  I stuck a Lego man underneath to give it some scale.

See you next week.

Can't resist.
Acoustic Devo!


  1. Chickpea falafel and gazpacho, who knew? Especially falafels at Dogfish Head. Will wonders never cease? You mean that the eateries at Rehoboth are finally getting past FISH?

    1. Its all about plant foods these days, Ron. Beans are a lot easier to catch than flounder. They stay still for you.