Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

For the second week in a row,
this plane is flying solo.
Here are clips of the week.

J was in the D.C. area with her close friend, and on whim, went to a fortune teller to have her palm read.
I always preferred Bugs' method.

I think I'll stick with the tomato, but thanks for the offer.

Ethiopian food!
It is so hard to come by for us...
That J decided she was going to make some herself.
Even better than the real thing.

I saw this ad for the slots posted at the local mall and thought it was missing something.

That's better.
I am no gambler, but I would probably partake every so often if I knew healthy snacks were nearby.

J bonding with her new cousin.

It was no coincidence that the heavens opened up when this picture was taken.

The new Truth or Dare:
Daily Special or Cheese Curds.

Someone sent me this photo of cloaked sheep from the Delaware State Fair.
We're not sure why they are hooded up, but we made some pretty funny guesses.

I sent this photo to my wife and declared the day
"Tina Turner Tuesday".

M spent a large portion of the week in Alexandria assisting with an archeological dig.
Remnants from past lives.

M and J touched down in sunny Mami, FL!

Looks like they decided to rough it.
They are still down there so next week should be filled with great pics.

Parting shot of a sock.  We used to just mark them with an "L" and an "R", but I guess now you can get them with maps.

See you next week.


  1. A varied and colorful week in pictures! Roberto Clemente Cemetery? What's that all about? Bugs Bunny is my favorite! Have a great week!

  2. Thanks, Ron. The Clemente pic is actually a park in Philly.