Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Evening Post

Good times had by all.
The week in pictures.

I found a Black Panther action figure casually hanging around in the living room mirror.

Wisps of snow on the way to early morning chorus practice before school.
Fortunately, I was tucked in bed when this was taken by my wife.

The moment of the week.
T found this pair of underwear in a briefcase given to him by his office.
I guess the man who had it before was:
A) Big-boned
B) Wanted to make certain that he was never left without a fresh pair of tighty whiteys.

I imagine that they were the inspiration for his son's school project, an illustration of Captain Underpants drawn on a piece of paper cut in the shape of underwear.

Mean while, his wife was in Tulsa where the bar was bedecked in prime mid-century luxury.

My chiropractor is a real miracle worker, but you have to share his office with dogs that get acupuncture.
Bassett Hound.

We had a magical sort of evening at Harry's on the Green in Denton, MD.  Great food and an elclectic environment we happened upon.  It was a lot of fun.

We got to say our goodbyes to the Man from Milton, as B and wife leave the DE and head sunny days in Florida.  He is a treasure-trove of great advice and wisdom that I am certain will be a welcomed addition to the Cape Coral area.
My favorite B quote:
"That's why they make both vanilla and chocolate ice cream".

The parlor of stretching:
Three rollers-
one spike
one knobby
one hard
Two balls-
one lacrosse
one softball.
Ten minutes in the morning keeps me sane.

My wife and I share oven top space every morning for our coffee brews.  She drinks decaf.
Pure heresy.

I just finished the Punisher Max omnibus and then saw this vanity tag up in Newark...
Well played, fellow nerd.
Well played.

M is still putting the baking books to good use.
His newest concoction is a mojito pound cake with an Italian meringue butter cream frosting.
I tell you now, it is way better than rice crispy treats covered in fondant.

My greatest strength is my coffee, oh wise tea bag.

He has a good point.

The song of the week is courtesy of the Dover Police Department.  I saw it early and knew that it would go viral.
After all, how could it not?
See you next week.


  1. Coming back to Delaware after ten days in California, I now feel at home (Delaware style) after reading your "Sunday Evening Post." I look forward to the day your and your family visit sunny southern California and post a week in pictures from that happy place. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Ron. I was glad to see that you had such a grand time on your trip. Good to have you back in DE!