Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Sunday Evening Post

We were upstaged last Sunday by some sort of football game.
Who plays sports on the Sabbath?
The week in pics.

Massaman Curry Shrimp and spiced cauliflower.

Usually J puts in her photos and then I do the same every Sunday evening.  I normally ask her to explain the unusual ones (see above) but in my world this is one of her good friends looking lovingly at her D-Day/Animal House coffee mug.  I know that is not what it is, but I just can't let that magic die.
I love you, D-Day.
Seriously, how did Bruce McGill not win an Academy Award for that role?

Fondue me?
No, no.
Fondue you!!!
I noticed that the healthy fruit tray looks untouched.

J knows that I am a fan of pumpkin and sent me this photo of some soft chews she wanted me to try out.
She then noticed that they were actually dog treats.
I am a little surprised she decided not to get them anyway.

A lot of my day revolves around random photos I receive from J of everyday objects that appear (to her) as phallic in nature.
First came the nubby lemon.
Then this remnant of a zucchini she peeled.
Finally came her piece de resistance when she decided to combine the two.
Freud would have been able to write a book about her.

Head scratcher.
Am I swinging my notables or am I not allowed to swing the tables or swings are not able?
Find out on the 12th!

Good Sicilian pizza followed by a mean round of Spoons.
The young lady peeking in the bottom right corner thinks that the fun card game is a contact sport.

The good stuff.  Tough to find, but worth the search.

Surprisingly, the wings at Cultured Pearl down in Rehoboth are the bomb.

The Z man awaiting a visit from my wife.
I agree, Z.  
She is fun to have around.

The office breakfast scarf-down.
Freshly made Jersey doughnuts eaten over a trashcan.

Batman doing the Batman.
Sheer genius.

Please stop putting the letter "u" in words like neighborhood and color.
Not only is it creepy, but it is wasteful.  There is not an endless supply of "u"s out there.
We already ran out of U-boats thanks to you people.

The T and his fellow "Fried Pickin'" band members tore it up at the battled of the bands located at the Union City Brewery in Baltimore.  We were lucky enough to be there.
As you can tell by the smile, they were in the zone.

See you next week.


  1. Phew! Now I can relax. I was worried that you had given up your blog. Wings at the Cultured Pearl? What, something other than sushi and crab cakes at the shore? Who would've thunk?
    Have a great week!

    1. Many thanks, Ron. We took a little hiatus, but now we are re-charged and back.