Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Sunday Evening Post

 Last week brought record cold temperatures to Delaware.  Lucky for us, Mardi Gras kept it spicy.  Here are the pics from the week.

My wife proclaimed this as her best latte ever.  It was served up to her in Baltimore. 

Getting gaudy for Fat Tuesday.  This is our fourth year hosting, so we can officially call it our thing.  Master Blaster runs Barter Town, but we run Mardi Gras.

Instead of a King Cake this year, J whipped up an icebox cake, made especially at the request of a special guest who was celebrating his 46th Birthday
(It's hard to say no to the elderly).
Happy Birthday, Bob!

We sent up a few flying paper lanterns.
This one was shaped like a heart.

  A young mother springs into action as her child face plants after a sled ride.
It's a great action shot.

The young ones take a moment to show off their newly acquired orange stripe belts.
Congratulations, ladies!
Ninja-dom is but a small journey away.

It doesn't take much to make us laugh.
(I think being snowed in had a lot to do with it).

 Young E had a good friend over for company while he heals from an adenoidectomy.
I guess cigars and scotch will be out of the question for a little while.

An impromptu sock-off went down at the house, thanks to school cancellations.  Our home became headquarters for several young scholars.

Apples to Apples victor shows of his winning combo of "Lucious Vomiting".
Oddly, he had just gotten over a case of Barf-o-rama, so it is true what they tell aspiring authors-
write what you know.

Really good wonton soup.
We got caught in a snow storm and stopped in to Nu Vhu in Middletown for dinner.
Awesome Vietnamese food and we had the whole place to ourselves!
Go check it out.

This young one formed a chic dress out of the the Christmas tree skirt.  I am watching Boardwalk Empire now and this reminds me of the swank 1920's fashion the series shows off.

Let me know when it works.  I will happily ship him to you.

Look.  He'll even cook breakfast.  Granted, it is one hundred times too small, but still...
I don't know.  I'm glad he stays busy, but what the heck is that? Are elves coming for brunch?  Will they cobble my shoes?

I am a sucker for sweet tater fries.  These mojos were served up at "The Kitchen" down in Milton.

Coffee is a natural anti-depressant.
I think you can write it off on your Affordable Care Act taxes.

It does not take much to make me laugh out loud.

Creepy coffee logo that may be my next tattoo.
It'll keep the mice out of my bed.

See you next week.

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