Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lego Maniac

My son is a curious eight year old.  He became quite interested in blogs and requested to write a post of his own.  After much thought, he wanted to write about one of his favorite topics, the Lego world.  The floor belongs to him.

I like old Legos.  A good place to find them is Chowren Toys LLC.  They have some that you might never have heard of.  For example, Lego Paradise, Orient Expedition, Lego Ninjas, and Lego Studios can all be found here.  You would be lucky to find a Lego Studios Spiderman set for about fifty dollars.  They are expensive!  Some of the older sets do not even have names.  You should check out this old commercial, "Jack The Lego Maniac".  The tune is too catchy.  It will be stuck in your head for at least a couple of weeks.
Some other old Legos include the sub theme to Lego Pirates, "The Lego Islanders."  There is also the first type to have a sub-theme, the Lego Aquazone.  There is also the Lego Wild West, with a side shoot of the Lego Indians, like Quiver from 1997, Medicine Man (with buffalo headdress), and Indian Chief.
Next up is Lego Vikings.  These are extremely rare.  Their weaponry is very different from the regular Legos because they have specially molded swords.  One has a bronze sword with a red shield.  Another one comes with a pike and they all have cool horned helmets.
One of my favorites is Lego "Life on Mars".  The aliens have specailly molded heads that are triangular.  They are just a small part of the original Lego space line.  Some other people from the space line include Insectoids, Space Policeman, Black Tron, Assistant, and LoM Doc.
Lego Dino Attack is a very interesting line from 2005.  They have dinosaurs that have light up mouths, eyes, and teeth.  There are two types of this line from different countries.  Some of the lines use traps and nets, others use weaponry.
Lego Alpha Team is very interesting (2004).  I have one of the rarest figures named Teevee.  He is the Alpha Team's Android.  He comes with a red lens decoder.
Lego soccer was discontinued in 2006.  It was the first Lego sports game to be released.  Other sports games include hockey and basketball.
One of the most famous Lego lines ever made is Lego Star Wars.  It started in 1999 and is still going strong today.  One of the first sets ever made was the Naboo Star Fighter.  Now they have advanced to other sets such as the Venetor Class Star Cruiser from the Clone Wars Animated Movie.

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