Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sunday is the Lord's day.  I like to take Sunday morning and reflect upon my sins.  I look deep within my heart and find the blackness that lurks there, the imperfections that make me human.  We all strive for goodness, but there is always something hidden; something we keep from others and it is a weight that we bear until we are ready to let it go.
I know what I am about to write will hit some hard.  I am certain that my dear co-author who wishes to remain anonymous will be shaken by the sin I am about to divulge.  I hope it does not affect our friendship.  Please be assured I have wrestled with this myself and I have decided to let it go.  I can not carry the weight any longer.

Morrissey is just as cool as Elvis.

There.  It is done.  I hope those that are close to me can accept me for who I am.  I still pledge my loyalty to the King, but when I am at the gym working out and have my headphones on,  I listen to Morrissey in secrecy.  Sunday is the Lord's day, but for me, every day is like Sunday.


  1. Yes, but he was much better when he was with The Smiths.

  2. The same can be said about E and the Jordanaires

  3. I have no idea of who Morrissey is. None. A friend perhaps?

  4. Ron - Quick! Check these out:

    Always remember this: If his name is brought up in conversation act indifferent and say, "He was much better when he was with Smiths."