Friday, March 26, 2010


Today I turned 38 and can only shake my head and smile about how blessed I feel.  I thank the Almighty for my wonderful family and all bestowed upon me.  I am a lean, mean, fighting machine, fueled by a powerful mixture of Scottish and Viking blood.  I would challenge my younger teen-aged self to a bare-knuckled fist fight, but he would no doubt turn tail at the sight of this older man before him, a ruffian with a good-nature heart; a pie-eater with the sound knowledge that he knows nothing.  I stand comfortable in my skin, a redeemable sinner, a very happy fellow indeed.
I am feeling so felicitous in fact, that I have brashly stepped out of the shadows of my usual anonymity for a moment to strike the Sean Connery pose, a sort of  “compare and contrast” for those interested.
You never know what life will send your way.  A rabid pitbull may be ambling through the streets at this moment with my name on his foamy fangs.  It is all a mystery.  It is all unknown.  That is why it is so much flipping fun.  I will cherish it.  I will revel in it.  Happy Birthday to me.  I can truly say that on this day I feel like Bond…..
James Bond.
 -Liberty and Independence


  1. Not bad, but frankly I can't see why you didn't utilize this golden opportunity to rock a bow tie.

    Happy birthday. I can only hope that in twenty years I have as much satisfaction with my life as you do.

  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes.
    Now get back to work.

  3. As handsome and suave as Sean. Happy birthday young fella.

  4. I thought I saw a Lotus Esprit in your driveway the other day