Sunday, March 7, 2010

Helen's Sausage House

A look at the best locales in Delaware continues as we visit Helen's Sausage House in Smryna.

"Do not ask for a sausage sandwich.  Ask for either a single or a double."  This is what my wife said to me as we started our journey to Helen's Sausage House.  I started to panic.  First off, how did she know this?  Had she been sneaking off to Helen's Sausage - without me?  
She continued:  "Do you want yours with egg or cheese or both?"  She has been stepping out to Helen's!
My wife and I had scheduled this trip to Delaware's best sausage place earlier in the week and ever since I had been having second thoughts.  My neurotic regimen of diet and exercise had kept me away from such places for quite some time.
Two days prior I meekly asked if she would split a sandwich with me.  She stared me down and said, "You are such a little girl."
OK, she was right.  Man up.  You could do this.
Helen's is about 13 miles from our home.  We took the straight shot up Dupont Highway and cranked "Blue Moon of Kentucky" in tribute to Helen's heavy decorum of all things Elvis.
No matter what time of day you arrive at  Helen's, you will always find Concrete loaders, pickups, semis, and other types of work vehicles parked every which way in the small lot.  I have always found this to be a good sign when in front of a restaurant.
Helen's is a small place.  The walk-in business is tremendous as a non-stop flow of customers come in for one thing and one thing only - the sausage sandwich.  I am certain that Helen's makes other food, but I have yet to hear anyone order any.  My wife and I both ordered a single sausage sandwich with egg, cheese, and mustard. They were quickly prepared and we took them to the "dining area", which is four small tables in the back on an elevated platform.
Character goes a long way in my book and Helen's has it.  The entire interior is riddled with Elvis memorabilia, from "Velvis" paintings on the wall to a life-size Elvis mannequin propped in the corner dressed in a white jumpsuit and sunglasses.
It had been 15 years since I last visited Helen's, and as I bit into my sandwich I mourned wasted time.  Why had I been away for so long?
The sausage did not come off greasy at all.  It had a nice kick without being too spicy.  The roll was nice and soft.  The egg and cheese combo was indescribable.  The mustard!  The mustard was what made it for me.  There was something about this mustard that I had never experienced.  It was kind of like a tangy wasabi feeling, like that rush through the sinuses.  I was tempted to ask them what kind it was, but I decided no to spoil it.
When we finished, Jill and I just sat and looked at each other, very satisfied.  We talked about what a great breakfast meal it was.  She then asked me if I wanted to get another to split for the road.  I politely declined.  She just looked at me and said, "You are such a little girl."

Helen's Sausage House4866 N Du Pont Hwy, Smyrna, DE 19977(302) 653-4200

My Priscilla and I hanging at the Elvis dining room at Helen's Sausage House.  Their sausage sandwiches will make any man feel like a king.


  1. Helen's is great. I always get a double with egg and cheese. Reading this made me sorry we went to Buckley's for brunch now I'll have to wait until Thursday for such a treat.

  2. You can always do both. No shame in that.

  3. Buckleys...1/2 price in PJ's....
    Helens is near my duck hunting club and a welcome belly filler after a cold morning in s duck blind. Great post.

  4. Helen's Sausauge House is now on my "to do" list. Now to find out where it is located and see if my pal Bob will go with me. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Ron, it is definitely a must-do for Delawareans, kind of like Nicola's Pizza or a Capriottis Bobbie sub. Let me know when you go and what you think.

  6. i've heard about helen's and i think that i shall take a trip that direction in the near future. i'll tell you one other place that is a delaware must is the greenwood volunteer fire company bbq chicken. i'm not sure when they open but they're open friday-sunday all summer. best bbq chicken in the state. it's best if you dump some extra sauce on it. finger lickin' good.