Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Brain

"Did you hear the news about Corey Haim?  He was found dead."
This was the greeting I got when I showed up to work and it was all my brain needed to go into overdrive and begin a chain reaction.
It started with Corey Haim.  He  acted in several movies during the '80s, the most popular being "Lost Boys".  Corey Haim co-starred with Corey Feldman in several movies and they even had a short-lived television show together (stay with me).  Then - Bam - brain makes the leap from Corey Feldman to Marty Feldman, the english actor and comedian from "Young Frankenstein" (Pictured).
So - I am told Corey Haim is dead, but I instantly have Marty Feldman pictured in my head (such a lovable scamp).  I poured some coffee, pulled up this photo via the internet, and smiled all day long.  Thanks, brain.  Now if you would, please, take it easy on the late night shark dreams.


  1. Funny how the brain operates.

  2. I work at a hotel. Sometimes I have to show the guests how to get to their cottage suite which is right on the canal in Lewes. As I walk out the door I (almost) always say "Walk this way" a la I-Gore (Marty Feldman in "Young Frankenstein") and I hunch over and start walking like I-Gore. I ALWAYS get a laugh. It is amazing at how many people have seen "Young Frankenstein" and "get it."
    Marty Feldman, I will have a brain picture picture of those eyes forever.

  3. See I went Corey Feldman to Michael Jackson... who also mysteriously died. Now I'm thinking that Corey Feldman is some sort of "Bad Luck Omen" type guy.

    This bodes not well for Heather Graham, methinks. She was in License To Drive with the Dynamic Corey Duo. And she's famous too. Someone should Twitter her and make sure she looks both ways before crossing the street.

    Thar be a spectre floatin around The Feldman.

  4. Remember when Feldman would dress up as Pee Wee Herman and do a lame impersonation? Why didn't anyone stop him?
    Where is Captain Quint when you need him the most?