Friday, March 12, 2010

Operation Pie Lunch: Week 1

Friday was put up or shut up in regards to pie for lunch and I pulled it off.  I stopped by Spence's Bazaar in Dover and picked out three homemade pies courtesy of the local Amish.  I grabbed a pumpkin, blueberry, and the all-American apple.  My coworkers were in on the plan, so one generous soul offered up a Starbuck's Gift card that I used to buy a box of coffee.
I returned to the office with the goods and we were in business for an early pie lunch.

They put up a good fight at first, but these three were soundly destroyed.

All present had a good time.  After all, when was the last time you had pie for lunch?  Pumpkin fell first, followed by blueberry.  I give apple credit as it held out the longest, but then was defeated by late-comers who were previously busy on other tasks.  All in all, pie for lunch worked.  However, there were snags.

Issue One:  My goal was to eat one piece of pie.  I ate two huge wedges.  Next week, I have to go somewhere so only one slice is available and a whole pumpkin pie isn't staring me in the face.

Issue Two: Pie makes you sleepy.  I had coffee earlier in the day and decided not to go with a cup during the lunch.  Big mistake.  Soon after I was dragging tail and looking for a hammock.  I will not fall in this trap again.

Keep it to one slice and couple it with a cup of joe.  Otherwise, success.


  1. Good posting! I have some pie stories myself. Thanks for giving me the idea for a posting....or two.

  2. You cannot read or write enough about pie.

  3. where was this mysterious pie on Friday of which you speak? Perhaps I was too busy working too notice.....or perhaps I was off eyeing up some new bicycle.

  4. If you are looking for bicycles, anonymous, I know a guy who lives near Frederica that sells them regularly. You just have to be careful because he is known for pawning off damaged goods.