Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ties are Here

My good friend Eric e-mailed me and asked if I got a kilt for my birthday.  When I told him I received five new bow ties, he replied that it was five too many.
So a bow tie will soon find its way to his doorstep, thanks to the good people of The Tie Bar, whose motto is, "Wear your good tie.  Every Day."  I will soon learn if E can resist the allure of the bow tie for men of our age.  He is a big Marylander of decent stock, so I have no doubt he can pull it off.  After all, he is the only man I know that can wear a fur coat and receive compliments.

The Tie Bar can be found on the web at www.Thetiebar.com.  Their ties are 100% woven silk, handmade, stain resistant, and affordable to a humble blue collar worker such as I.

To the right is a photo of the five bow ties my wife ordered for me.  I am impressed with them and wore the Fleur D'Orleans (center, yellow) to Passover last night.

 For those of you who do not believe a grown man can pull of a fur coat, pictured below is my friend Eric donning his to prove it.


  1. You did wear your tie to seder and you looked sooooo spiffy!


  2. If you want a real american bow tie, made in america that is try out www.bowtie.com or www.bowtieclub.com Those are the 2 places I shop and bow tie club is actually in Maryland!
    Also, tell eric he really does pull it off in that fur!!!

  3. YES! Eric does pull it off. Bravo Eric!