Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Hope Diamond

My friend and I blew off life for a day and drove to Washington, DC.  I remember we were hanging around the Lincoln Memorial when he said, "Hey, you wanna go see the Hope Diamond?"
I flew into a tirade of sarcasm.
"Oh, yeah.  Sure.  Let's just go see the Hope Diamond.  It's right here in downtown DC to check out at your leisure".
My friend got a real puzzled look on his face, stood up and walked away.  I, however, was not finished.  I was relentless.  I was right on his heels, rambling on and on about how the Hope Diamond was on display here in the United States for all to see.
"Certainly, Governor.  I would love to gaze upon the Hope Diamond.  And then we could adjourn for tea and crumpets with the Queen.  That would be ever so wonderful".
Fifteen minutes later I was standing red-faced in front of the Hope Diamond exhibit inside the Smithsonian.
He never said it, but his smirk did: "You are such a hick from Delaware".

The Hope Diamond was pretty cool, though.


  1. No. That's not what the smirk said.... It said, "Hey the Declaration of Independence is across the street... Let's go see that. Then there's a DaVinci painting I want you to see. Yes, it's the only one outside of Europe. 5 Million bucks. What a steal."

    Perfectly normal in being incredulous at the thought that there are so many spectacular things so very near one another. And in DC??? Next to the Crack? Honestly. It's ridiculous. And fantastic.

  2. Let me know when we can make a return trip.