Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week Two: Operation Pie (Dangerously Delicious)

Either I am more neurotic than I thought or the "pie for lunch" premise is tougher than it looks.  I woke up Saturday morning and realized I had not yet eaten a slice this week as promised.  Fortunately, my lovely wife brought pie back from her bi-weekly excursion to Baltimore and it came from pie mecca - Dangerously Delicious Pie (DDP)!  (Courtesy of my wonderful sister-in-law Steph and her husband, Terry - Holllllaaaaaa!)

DDP  is one of the greatest places to get your pie fix on this planet.  They take their name seriously.  This joint has menacingly good pie!  It is not all dessert pie, either.  They serve up some mean savory pies, like a steak, mushroom, onion and gruyere pie.  I kid you not.  Check out their website here.
So, when I woke up I decided to have one slice of pie with a strong cup of coffee for breakfast.  It was 7:00 am and the rest of the house was quiet as I fired up the espresso maker.  I was lucky to find that the vultures I live with had left a piece of apple pie for their neglected and humble patriarch.
I opened the box and found a lonely slice of apple pie, the American legend.  It took great restraint not to gobble it down before my coffee was ready.
Once my morning elixir was complete, I sat down at the table to enjoy the meal.  Delicious.  Nothing can beat strong coffee and a chilled piece of apple pie.  I felt like I could conquer the world.

Results: Although the timing was off, pie for lunch breakfast: week 2 was a grand success!
Here is an old photo I had of Dangerously Delicious Pie in Baltimore.  Check it out - If You Dare!!!!
(Also in the picture is my friend Eric chatting up the pie lady.  Notice the pen in hand ready to write down a phone number.  He'll try to say it was to sign for the credit card.)

Dangerously Delicious Pies Federal Hill (410-522-PIES)
Sunday-Thursday 7am-9pm
Friday-Saturday 7am-12am


  1. mmmmmm I had a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie for breakfast everyday last week. Something I probably couldn't get away with if my husband was in town!

  2. Oh how I wish there was a place down here in Lower Slower that I could get a good pie. What they sell in the stores is the typical cardboard, wall paper paste sugary monstrosity. Back in the Sixties I lived in Coatesville, PA (a small town west of Philadelphia.) Around the corner from the rented room where I lived there was a Mom and Pop corner grocery store. They always had an array of homemade pies on display for the weekend. My then boyfriend Jim used to take the train out to visit me (neither of us had a car, this was the Sixties) for the weekend. One of the first things we would do Saturday morning is to visit that store and get a pie for the weekend. By the time Jim left to catch his train Sunday afternoon that pie was gone. Devoured and disappeared. Oh the fond memories. Thanks for triggering my memory.

  3. Ron,

    My wife told me that the Dewey Beach outpost of Fifer's Orchards (Fifer's Local-Fresh Market on Route 1 North at the corner of Cullen Street) sells the famous Fifer's pies. Fifer's also has a stand at the Lewes Farmer's Market, and they may sell pie there. Her personal favorites are the Cherry-Vanilla and the Apple Caramel Walnut. Let us know if you give them a try.

  4. Stacy-
    The rule in my humble abode is nothing gets between a woman and her pie - except gooey chocolate cookies.

  5. you can also check out Jimmy's Grille in Bridgeville for pie. i hear they have killer pies. you can also look for a mennonite bake sale and then you're pretty much guaranteed awesome pie. i am blessed to have mother of mennonite descent who make steller pie my all time favorite of which is coconut cream. she also makes a mean sour cherry pie. my roommate is also descended from the menno lines and she can make a mean pecan and an apple cream pie. i on the other abstain from making pie since i have find pie-makers all around me.

  6. Coconut pie........

    Hey, Sonya, thanks for reminding me of Greenwood Chicken! They are the bomb. Without going into details, I know a guy who got into some hot water at work because of an excursion he took there. I guess their chicken is so good it can corrupt the less scrupulous.

  7. Ah, DDP. Great pie, and powerful enough to bring on labor. Ah, rhubarb. Ah, Eli-pie!