Thursday, April 1, 2010


I stop by my house from work for a quick lunch hoping to find my wife.  She isn't there.  I check the mail and the new Victoria's Secret catalog is in.  I open it up to this page and get an idea.  I grab a Sharpie and scribble "Jill - You are hotter!" on the models.  I snap a photo of it and send it to her via a phone text.

She soon texts back:
"Yeah, I'm only hotter bc you actually get to f--- me, not j--- off to my picture. :)"

Of course, my delicate sensibilities are appalled.  I text back, "Potty Mouth."

She replies, "Oh, how you love my potty mouth."

Sigh.  She's right.  I do.


  1. Hi, i'm Kaleigh. Nice to... follow you.
    I must say, I love her potty mouth too... and despite her witty response to the picture, this was a wonderful compliment.

  2. Thank you, Kaleigh. Strong Jewish women definitely have their moments.

  3. Well....this is definitely one posting I cannot identify with. :)