Monday, April 26, 2010

Injury Revisited

When I first started this blog, I wrote a post entitled "Injury" which was a list of damage I did to my body over the years.  My good friend sent back a list of his physical tragedies.  Enjoy.

Stitches - Golf club to head.

Dislocated thumb - Basketball, Junior High: "Thumbs don't bend that way"
Fish hook to face - "Fly Fishing" accident at Goggin's Pond.

Baseball to testicles - 1 hopper to the mound - ugh, it still hurts.

Stitches - Floor hockey - collision with brick wall

Severely sprained ankle - Sophomore year UD basketball - Leg was black from toe to mid-calf

Likely broken kneecap - Martinis and medications don't mix at the marble threshold of a bathroom at the top of a flight of stairs.

Bruised Tailbone:
Ten Speed + Downhill = 30mph.
30mph + sharp turn into Moore's Lake = Physics Lesson (Lesson: Introduction to Gravity and Inertia.... and mangled ten speed)


  1. Tis a good thing sports built character, because they sure can tear down the body! Perhaps playing makes you healthier, if you survive.

  2. You have given me yet another idea for a posting. I will write about the time I dislocated my right knee playing pool while I was in the Army. Yes. Incredible as it seems, I was taken to the hospital emergency room by ambulance with my right let dangling like a doll's broken leg. I had to explain how that happened playing pool to the emergency room doctor. Yes, a good subject for a blog posting. Thanks again for giving me the idea.

  3. And yes, that is Bobby Clarke of the Philadelphia Flyers.