Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

Here they are.  Some selected photos taken on my iphone during the week.
My son was going through his coin collection when he discovered a five dollar gold piece.  He and his mother cashed it in for $115.  He bought Legos.  Ka-ching!

Our friend Lily turned five this week, the girl with the most moxy in the tri-state area.  She is very into Michael Jackson these days.  Here she is eating pre-birthday cake  pie.  A kid after my own heart.

I happened upon this old cemetery on a country road.

These footprints did indeed lead to stogies, and I needed one after the Pirates lost to the Brewers twenty to nothing.  You read that right.  That is not a typo.  20 to 0.

New grill.  Right size for us.

Jill picked up a nice pair of spectators.  Very Gatsby.

Sunday was rainy, but Alexa's 9th Birthday Shindig saved the day.  It was held at the local bowling alley.  Happy B-day, Alexa.

Do you think a little troll lives down there?
I do.

Strawberries are in.  When I was a kid, on hot summer days my mom would make strawberry shortcake and that was all we ate for dinner.   How cool was that?  

She puts up with me.  I dig her to the utmost.

Until next week...


  1. These are all such great pictures! I wanted to comment on my favorite one but I couldn't decide. Looks like you had an amazing week.

  2. do tell where are teh foot prints that lead to stogies? Looks like you had a great weekend.

  3. Kaleigh- Thanks. All this week lacked was some Joan Jett.

    Brian- I wished they were at the end of the rainbow, but these are printed on the floor at the hidden humidor I wrote about in Dover. I still have to check out the place you told me about up north. I picked up some Nubs. They are four inches with a 62 ring gauge. Decent smoke.

  4. Your Sunday evening photo post summary of the week is becoming one of my secret pleasures. A question about the raw meat on the grill. Who is the steak for and who gets the boneless chicken breasts? Tell me the steak is for your wife and you and your son eat the chicken and I would be very surprised. Have a good week!

  5. Ron-
    Steak is for the growing boy and the chicken is for his parents. I like mine rare. See you next week!

  6. Jill has great taste in shoes, and you in hats.