Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

A picture of Slim Pickens starts the post of the week in pictures because that is what I found in my iphone - slim pickings.  Too much work and not enough play makes Jack a dull boy....

The weather this week turned downright cold at times.  Here is my nautical sweater I wrote about in "Quint."

The morning elixir - iced espresso.  I am reading about the creation of the FBI right now.  People make quite an issue about whether J. Edgar was a transvestite or not.  Regardless, he was quite the sharped dress men's clothes.

The local town restaurant.  It has not changed all that much in the thirty plus years I have been going there.

The thrifty grab of the week goes to this madras tie.  One dollar.

Cigars are in.

Milford antique shop.  Seriously, how much for the doggie in the window?

My son and I with our skateboards headed to the nearest parking lot.  He is getting so big.  I had a dream this week that he was two years old again and we were rolling around on the bed and we were wrestling and laughing and smiling.  
Where does the time go?

My mother stopped by on Sunday evening and brought us blueberry muffins.  Kind deeds just feel right and are much appreciated.

See you on the flip side.


  1. If that's the antique store on walnut street, I love it! I use to work at a screenprinting shop right down the street and walk down to dolce for breakfast regularly.

  2. That is the one. Dolce is a great coffee shop. I plan to post about it this week.

  3. Another warm and fuzzy posting. Your postings are always a pleasure. Thank you.