Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Sunday Evening Post

Pictures of the week.
I got 'em.
Pirates fell hard to the Phillies on the 17th and I was there.  They did, however, strike a win the next day.  My cousin Jackie was present to revel in the glory of the Bucs' win.

Dolle's Salt Water Taffy is a Delaware icon.  Martha loved their caramel popcorn and we always brought a box back to her when we went to Rehoboth Beach.  You are missed, woman.

Its tough to eat a Helen's Sausage sandwich when E is staring at you with those puppy dog eyes.  I sinned on Thursday and had a double with cheese, egg, and mustard.  If I could feed him some I would.

Talk about sinning, we tried out a new place in Milton, DE called "Po' Boys Creole and Fresh Catch".  This place knows N'awlins like nobody's business.  This is the fried softshell Po Boy sandwich.  I highly recommend this joint to all the locals and any visitors to the area.

Of course, if you are in Milton, you may as well stop for homemade ice cream at King's.  It is the bomb-diggity.

Karl Knath's "Frontier Mail", painted in 1940.  It hangs in the Rehoboth Beach Post Office.  I always thought it was part of the WPA of the thirties.  I researched it.  I was wrong.

I like the simple things in life.  Finding a garage with a plastic skull and stuffed angels hanging about is a pleasing experience.

Nephew Jackson hung with us as we journeyed to Annapolis.  The young ones loved the Lego store and driving across the Bay Bridge.  I have never had a problem crossing bridges until my son blurted out at the top, "We are actually swaying right now, but you can't tell."  I felt like Jimmy Stewart in "Vertigo."

Crosswalks and kids go together like chicken and waffles.

If it was Saint Susan, I would have bought it for Mom, but Saint Martha is pretty close.

Sweet Pea the bulldog.  I stopped by my parent's home and they were babysitting her for my brother.  He was in Atlantic City, New Jersey at the Slash concert.  Not my cup of tea.  But hey, if it's too loud, you are too old.

See you next week.


  1. Sweet Pea the bulldog. I love it! Po Boys in Milton? Absolutely! Actually, I 'm planning a return visit this week. And I thought Po Boys was my secret. And, is that a raspberry ice cream? My favorite. But I didn't know there was a King's Ice Cream in Milton. I only know of the one in Lewes. How did I miss that? Thanks again for sharing. Your posts are the best!

  2. I pass po boys on my way home grime work every day and have yet to try it. In fact I made the suggestion to my roommate of stopping for lunch during our outing to broadkill beach. We opted for greenwood chicken and a fresh salad straight from the garden. But I defintely have it on my list of places to eat. Speaking of places to eat, you'll have to put henlopen city oyster house on your list of places to eat. They're located on wilmington ave in rehoboth and they'll be opening on June 1. I've been doing a lot of graphic design work for them and have had the pleasure of working on their menu. Good food to come and these guys are going to do it right. the guys who run it and two guys that were two of the three partners at fins on rehoboth ave.

  3. R T - Kings in Milton is on Union Street right in town. My wife and I are dying to try the Sunday buffet at Po Boys. They serve beignets then.

    S C - Thank you for the tip on the Henlopen City Oyster House. It sounds like a must!