Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Comic Books

I would like to think that my eight year old son and I share a lot of common bonds, but one of the greatest is our love for comic books.

He and I spend a lot of time discussing the characters and talking about our favorites.  This usually turns into the inevitable "who would win in a fight" and we debate the possible outcomes of scuffles between Batman and Captain America or Superman and the Incredible Hulk
(For the record, Cap trumps Batman and Hulk beats Man of Steel).

The discussions of late, however,  have gotten extremely interesting.
The other day, my son (eight years old mind you) asked me if I thought that the comic book "X-Men" was created to spur talk about the American civil rights movement in the 1960s.

Say what?

Turns out he picked up a book series at the local library that puts comic characters and their story lines into historical perspective.  I was very impressed (and slightly humbled).

I question how long it will take, however, when I am asked why the sight of Wonder Woman running around in her stars and stripes outfit makes him feel funny inside.

I am still trying to answer that one myself.


  1. Remember the discussion in "Stand By Me" about who would win in a fight between Superman and Mighty Mouse!

  2. My childhood would not have been my childhood if not for comic books. Some of my fondest memories were trading my comic books with my friend Lar. This was back in the Fifties when comics were real comics. Everything from Little Lulu to Plastic Man. Of course our favorites were those horror comics (The Crypt Keeper especially) until they banned them. Oh how I wish my Mom hadn't thrown away my stash of comics when I went into the service. They would be worth thousands now. Lar was lucky, his Mom didn't toss his comics. I now have no comics to trade with him. And he won't part with a one, will you Lar even though you're 69 years old now. :)