Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

The week started strong with my father's birthday celebration.
Here he is with his two grandsons.

The Mecca.
We met up in Pittsburgh with my Ohio side of the family to cheer for our beloved team.

We blew into town and went straight to Church.
The Church Brewery Restaurant, that is.
Awesome 'Burgh food and drink.

Pancake monstrosities at Pamela's.

My son and I stopped to pose with Willie Stargell. 
I am fairly certain this statue is actual size.

All right.  
Time to run through the generations of Bucs' fans.
J. B. Counselman was father of Martha and Bill.
Martha's son is John.
(This engraved stone sits under Honus Wagner at PNC Park).

This is John
in action at the Saturday night game.
(Pirates won 6-12).

This is John's children and his two nephews
(L and I present and accounted for).

The new generation.

The Legacy continues.

PNC Park fireworks.

See you next week.


  1. Great baseball traditions with your it....and I always loved Willie.
    I lost my dad 7/26/09...and one of my best memories with him was when I took him to a World Series game in 1993.

  2. Pittsburgh looks fabulous! I used to live there in 1963. I've been thinking about going back for a visit. Now I know I have return. That skyline, wow.
    Thanks again for another super Sunday evening post.

  3. We had such a fun weekend! Can't wait to go back!

  4. Thanks, MLS. Baseball is a magical sport. I couldn't imagine how awesome it would be to see your favorite team in the series as you sit by your father. I guess some dreams do come true.