Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

The week in pictures.

The local ice cream shop...

End result.

Here is a shot of my son reading to my nephew.

It is official.  My son turned nine.  My obligation as a parent is now half-way through.
(I'm kidding).

A lot of pictures of kids this week, and they look to be having a lot of fun.  When I was their age, I wasn't allowed to have fun.  I had to catch chickens from sunrise to sunset.

Geeze Louise!
More kids with smiles and ice cream.
They look like they would make some pretty good chicken catchers, too (especially the one on the end).
Darn shame.  Wasted talent.

My wife and I fell into this spot when we were around Centreville, Maryland.  It is a nice little joint called Doc's Riverside Grille.  Real good food with an great outside dining patio.

After much cajoling, I ended up attending my 20th year high school reunion.  It turned out to be a great time.  My classmate Karen has not changed at all.  For some reason, she decided to find a total stranger to pick her up for a photograph.
She's still an introvert.  Maybe one day she'll come out of her shell.

My best friend Bruce is on the right.
That's Paul in the middle.  I have not seen him in forever.  Seeing him reminded me of the time he, Bruce and I were in Bruce's car and Paul suddenly threw the car in neutral.  Bruce pounded him something fierce.  Good times.

I spotted a Barry Bonds impersonator at a Neil Diamond impersonator's concert.

Grandpa mask from the Munsters.

My tanning sensei, Master Tan AKA The Ragin' Asian Cajun.
I will always be nothing more than Adobe, sensei.

I hope you are enjoying your time at your grandparents.
Mom and I miss you.
We love you.

See you next week.

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  1. Your first class reunion? I love them. Wait until your 50th. It gets better each year. And chicken catchers.....always an opening in LSD for chicken catchers. A good career move. :)