Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

Pictures from the week.

The weed that turned into a flower.
Who knew?

The Swami
jumping through a tube.
This takes intense concentration.

A blast from the past stopped by to introduce the new member of her family.

If you are looking for the deal, get the sprinkles.
They're free.

Fun with light sabers.
In the dark.

We were invited to a pool party and had a smashing time.
I spent at least an hour playing with the rubber animals.
This scene is a contemporary look at "Romeo and Juliet".
(West Side Story is probably more appropriate with the shark and all).

Nephew Eli graced us with his presence.

Here we are reading about Policeman Small.

Excuse me, Policeman Small.
Eating two sandwiches, ice cream, and coffee and then taking a rest is not going to cut it.
You obviously have not been watching enough CSI.
Now get back to work.

My wife took this photo.
It means two things:
1.  Fall is near.
2.  Money is going to be spent - and soon.

You know you are operating a great restaurant when your customers feel so comfortable that they can relax and take off their shoes in public.
Five Toes - I mean Stars.

My parting gift.
This song has been running non-stop in my head for the past week.
I could not remember where I had heard it before until I did some research.
It's from "Silence of the Lambs."
Whatever you do, do not reenact the scene.


  1. I think Jill won that light saber match against Colby. Just guessin. I like Policeman Small, and I want to be just like him! Where do I sign up? Comments by Pierre's Wife.

  2. And yet another wonderful Sunday Post. My guilty pleasure. Now that song is in my head. Thanks (I think.)